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One wheel skateboard

When you are thinking about a one-wheeled skateboard must people think about the Onewheel from Future Motion Inc. They were not the first to invent the one wheeled skateboard, see more in the History of Onewheel, but they were the first company to commercialize the product to the market.

Since then there have come a lot of alternatives that are copies of the design, mainly from China. Some people might argue that the Electric Unicycle, EUC, is an alternative. In the sense of a one-wheeled vehicle, yes but not as a skateboard.

The same goes for the electric skateboards out there, it’s a skateboard, but still on four wheels. An interesting alternative is the Summerboard, mimicking snowboarding, with an extra two wheels underneath.

Future motion has since the launch released six boards, the initial Onewheel, Onwheel Plus, Onewheel XR, Onewheel Pint, Pint X, and Onewheel GT.

Update 2022-12-05
Floatwheel just announced their latest board, Floatwheel adv, and adv Pro, these look like the new king in town and might even overtake the Onewheel GT.

Onewheel Alternative

Let’s look into the main competitors of a true one-wheeled skateboard and compare them with the two current offerings from Future Motion Inc. Onewheel XR and Onewheel Pint.

ModelOnewheel XROnewheel PintTrotter T1Trotter T3Unicool D3
Price$ 1799$ 950$ 579$ 1399$ 500-1000
Battery Size324 Wh148 Wh211 Wh420Wh211 Wh
Range15 miles (24 km)7 miles (11 km)7 miles (11 km)17 miles (27 km)10 miles (16 km) 15-20
Top Speed19 mph (30 km/h)16 mph (26 km/h)12.5 mph (20 km/h)19 mph (30 km/h)12.5 mph (20 km/h)
Motor power750W(750W(700W (48V)1500W(60V)500W (48V)
Weight27 lbs (12.5 kg)23 lbs (10.4 kg)31 lbs (14 kg)37 lbs (17 kg)27 lbs (12.3 kg)
Max Climbing angel15°15°20°30°12°
Max Load275 lbs (125 kg)275 lbs (125 kg)265 lbs (120 kg)300 lbs (136 kg)220 lbs (100 kg)
Onewheel Alternative List

1. The Trotter

Trotter T3

The Trotter is the best known and one of the closest to a ‘knock-off’ version of Onewheels products. Performance-wise the T3 has come a long way and actually beating Future Motion and the XR if you are looking at the specifications.

Still, the manufacturing and visuals of the board make it look like a simpler version of a Onewheel V1.

These boards are manufactured in China and sold by companies around the world. The price can vary and the list price is from a smaller distributor in USA. The T1 is a bit more than half the cost of the Pint and the T3 is getting closer to the Onehweel XR with a state price of $1399.

The Trotter T1 gives a lot of its value, with a 7-mile range and a top speed of around 13 mph even though it doesn’t exactly meet the Pint. The main drawback is the control and mounting is difficult because of the lack of a gyroscope to help the control algorithms. This has been addressed in the T3 with an improved balance algorithm and the addition of a gyroscope system.

Making this board riding more like the Onewheel, still, nothing compares to Future Motion Inc. and they are still producing the best boards from a riding experience point of view.

The Trotter is missing an application and the board doesn’t hold the same value as the Onewheels on the second-hand market.

2. Unicool/DanDan D3

Unicool D3

The D3 Unicool has really taken a leap forward from a design point of view. The board looks more refined when compared to the Trotter and has a much sleeker design, an aluminum alloy frame, making it more durable, with both front and taillights that change with the direction of riding like the Onewheel.

The D3 is a better machine when compared to the T1 and has the addition of a gyroscope which gives a similar feel when riding to a Onewheel. The board offers a 10-mile range, which is similar to the Pint but lacks a bit on the top speed at 14 mph. The board has also lesser power and torque from its 500W motor.

The board comes at a high price, the older D2 goes for around $ 500 to almost $ 1000 for the D3 depending on where you find it.

The board also has integrated handles in the body both on the front and side compared to the Pint.

At almost the same price as the Pint on specification sheets better battery/range, but worse software, and possibly worse hardware. The top speed will be lower, there is no app to go with it, and the response is sharper and more aggressive. I would recommend trying to pick up a second-hand XR or a new Pint.

The Unicool/DanDan is missing an application and the board doesn’t hold the same value as the Onewheels on the second-hand market.

3. Boosted Board Mini X (Electric Skateboard)

The Boosted Board Mini X is an electric skateboard with all the pros and cons coming with four wheels compared to a big go-kart in the middle. It´s a small board and can be compared to the Onewheel Pint with its 20mph top speed and 14 miles range.

Boosted Board Mini X
Boosted Board Mini X

The Mini X is the favorite board for old-school shredders and those looking for the most nimble board available today.


There is always a way to go the do-it-yourself route with the Floatwheel project. This DIY floatwheel kit will cost you ~$600 but you have to assemble and tune that yourself. It will depend on how handy you are with electronics, and building, and not something I recommend to anyone who doesn’t have building electronics as a hobby.

Other boards

In short stay away from other boards like the extreme freestyle hoverboard or similar products. Yes, they are cheap, but it comes with a plastic feel, a bad riding experience, slow speed, and range.

Why you should go with a Onewheel

If you have the money and think that riding a one-wheeled device will be something for you then I would recommend you to buy a Onewheel, new, or look for a bargain on the second-hand market. The boards are keeping their value so it’s hard to snag a deal and you are risking falling into the hands of scammers, be aware.

Getting a Onewheel will unlock the possibility for tons of accessories from third-party companies like fenders, different footpads, and carrying accessories and even increase the range with battery hacks. This is something you will not get if you are getting a clone.

The initial investment will be a part but not all of you probably will put into your board. I also recommend you invest and wear protection, I always ride padded, and here is the protective gear I use on a daily basis.

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