List of Onewheel accessories (Shops in Europe & USA) (2023)

Onewheel accessories can be anything to make your ride safer, protect your board or give it a personal touch. Here is a list of some of the most common accessories for riders and where to get them.

Some of the must common Onewheel accessories


The role of the fender is to protect you from all the dirt and debris the wheel decides to launch upon you and your pants. If you ride in wet or rainy conditions this is a must. There is a whole range of different options from third party companies and one from Future Motion. Magnetically attached fender, press-fit or a bolted down like the official.

Sidekicks protection and style

The sidekicks both offer a way to protect the rails and the ability to put some flair and personal touch to your bord. The official from Future Motion only are transparent and here I recommend the options from multiple third-party companies down below.

Flight fins or Ignite fender

The FlightFins or Ignite fender offers the ability to lock into the board. This allows you to jump vertically with the board to clear obstacles and be more secure when dropping with the board. The systems are designed for your feet to be released in case of an accident.

For a full breakdown check out this post about the different Flight Fins options.
If you want to install them on your Fender checkout the Flight Fins installation guide.


If you are having a problem with foot fatigue after long rides investing in a new concave footpad is a great option. Multiple companies have their own offering, the difference will be material in the form of flex and softness, the concave surface and griptape.

Fangs or nosedive recovery wheels

The Fangs from Land Surf was one of the first products on the market, nowadays there are a couple of different companies having their own options of nosedive recovery options. Carbonsmith, Sonny Wheels to name two. The principle is to add wheels in front of the board that can slide if the nose hits the ground so you can ride it out. It’s a great addition to your safety gear when riding. To find more about front wheels read the post here.

Float plates

The float plates or other protections for the bottom of the board is another great accessory that not only will extend the life of your board but the added protection also might help in the case of a nosedive. The plastic is slippery and might help you ride it out. If you are a new rider or want to do tricks, float plates is a must to keep the board in good shape.


Fishbones is a way to create a concave front footpad. It’s a stick-on alternative to replacing the front footpad. To read more about the benefits check the full breakdown of the Fishbones here.

List of companies manufacturing Onewheel accessories

Craft and Ridewww.craftandride.comFender, Footpad, Handle, Grip tape, Backpack, Handle, Sidekicks, Tiers, Float Plates, Bearings…USA
The Float Life
https://thefloatlife.comFloat plates, sidekicks, Rails, Footpads, grip tape, Fenders, Tier, bearings, StandUSA
Land, Footpad, Fender, Griptape, Charge plugUSA & EU
Carbon Smithwww.carbon-smith.comFront bumper wheels, Handle, StandUSA
Eight 2 Tenwww.eight2ten.comRail Guards, Grip Tape, Grind Plates, Replacement Parts, Float TrayUSA
Fishboneswww.fishbones.lifeFishbones (footpad concave addons)USA
Street Shredstreetshred.comFootpad, Fender, Chargers, Tiers, Refective Rails and wheelUSA
Pro Ridewww.prorideusa.comTraction footpad, Concave footpadUSA
Flight Finswww.flightfins.comFlight Fins, Footpad, Tiers, FenderUSA
Float 365www.Float365.clubRail wraps, Stickers, Grip tapeUSA
Elite Customs OWwww.elitecustomsow.comRail guards, Stands, Footpads, Reflective filmUSA
3DWay3DWayConcave footpad, float plate, Fenders, Charge plugsUSA
1 Wheel partswww.1Wheelparts.comLift kit, Ignite fender (flight fin alternative), Footpads, Grip tape, Rail wrapsUSA
Shredd Labsshreddlabs.comTiers, Footpads, Fenders, Rail wraps, Bags, Grip TapeUSA
Fluxskinzfluxskinz.comGrip tapes skins, Rail wrapsUSA
Sonny Wheelswww.sonnywheels.comSliders, VnR kits, Steel guards, bumper kitsUSA
Armor-Dillozwww.armor-dilloz.comAnti punctureUSA
Chi Battery Systemswww.chibatterysystems.comBattery Upgrades, ChargersUSA
Badger Wheelwww.badgerwheel.comBadge kit (waterproof), Bearing protection, Grip tape, Charge plugUSA

List of shops in Europe for Onewheel accessories

Even if most shops are located in the USA there are some European shops for Onewheel accessories. These shops have usually Onewheel accessories from multiple manufacturers.

Float life store in Europe (has Onewheel accessories from Float Life) located in Poland (has Onewheel accessories from a lot of manufacturers)
Freemove located in France (has Onewheel accessories from a lot of manufacturers)