Unlocking the Future of Onewheel Riding with Custom Shaping 3.0

With the release of the Haptic Buzz Future Motion finally released the custom shaping for Onewheel GT. This has been on hold because of the CPSC investigation and it’s finally resolved with the voulntary recall of all Onewheels to get the new feature. So what’s Custom Shaping 3.0?

Custom shaping 3.0 not only has the base shaping settings it also has advanced control of turning dynamics, acceleration, deceleration, and sensor pad behavior. In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting world of Custom Shaping 3.0 and explore its remarkable features.

The board will be able to tune to the boards potential. Different shapes will deliver different riding experieance to acount for terrain, feel and your personal preferances.

Its like a whole new board with a software release!

This is an improvement to the old custom shaping of the Onewheel XR, unlocky new features for the GT.

What is Custom Shaping 3.0?

Custom Shaping 3.0 is a groundbreaking innovation that empowers riders to tailor their Onewheel experience precisely to their liking. It goes beyond the standard ride modes, allowing you to fine-tune various parameters, transforming your Onewheel into a whole new beast. Let’s dive into its incredible features:

Base Shapings: A Starting Point for Customization

Custom Shaping 3.0 introduces the concept of Base Shapings. These can be seen as the old standard shaping and will be a starting point for you to customize to your own liking.

Here are the different features:

Stance Profile: Nose Up or Down

Adjust the nose angle to your liking for a personalized ride. Either ride with the nose up or down. This is a great feature for trail riders or people who want to sapp down the street with a low agressive nose.

Braking Aggressiveness: Control Your Deceleration

Fine-tune how aggressively the board brakes when you lean back.

Braking Aggressiveness is a game-changer for riders who demand precision control. Adjust it to match your riding style, from smooth and gradual deceleration for relaxed cruising to quick and responsive braking for those sudden stops.

Aggressiveness Profile: Your Ride, Your Way

Customize the responsiveness of your Onewheel. Choose from mellow and relaxed to super responsive and dynamic.

Aggressiveness Profile is where you truly make your Onewheel your own. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker seeking maximum responsiveness or someone who values a more relaxed, predictable ride, this feature allows you to fine-tune your board’s behavior to match your preferences.

Advanced Aggressiveness Profile: Speed-Dependent Customization

Tailor aggressiveness based on your riding speed. Achieve precision control, whether you’re cruising or accelerating.

Braking Aggressiveness is a game-changer for riders who demand precision control. Adjust it to match your riding style, from smooth and gradual deceleration for relaxed cruising to quick and responsive braking for those sudden stops.

Dynamic Responsiveness: Move with Ease

Adjust how much you can move the board before it compensates. Fine-tune for a mellow, relaxed ride or a responsive, dynamic experience.

Dynamic Responsiveness is all about giving you control over your board’s handling. Whether you prefer a stable and relaxed ride or a board that responds instantly to your movements, this feature allows you to tailor your Onewheel’s behavior to your liking.

Turn Compensation: Master Every Curve

Modify how the board handles turns, this is like the old carvability. Enhance carving or maintain control when taking on challenging terrain.

Turn Compensation will shape how the nose becoe when you are turning the board. If you slide it to the left it will let the nose dipp down while turning, on the most aggressive setting it will push it up, making you able to take on hard turns.

Yaw Mix Rate: Fine-Tune Turn Compensation

Control the speed at which the board responds to your turns. Achieve the perfect balance between stability and responsiveness.

Jump Re-engagement Time: Perfect for Trick Riding

Extend the time your board re-engages after performing tricks. Ideal for riders looking to master tricks and jumps. This is baiscally a software mode that enables the board to still be active even if your foot come off the foot sensor for a short while.

This is recommended for trick riders!

Zone Engagement: Smart Foot Pad Behavior

Simplify engagement with a single zone when needed. Automatic dismount with heel lift at low speeds for added convenience.

Easier to enage the board with only one zone, this is great for race and trail riders and will reduce the likleyhood for you to missengage the board while jumping onto it.

Presets: Save and Share Your Customizations

Save your favorite custom settings as presets. – Share your presets with friends, creating a community of customized riding experiences.


This has been the most requested feature and to be honest, Custom Shaping 3.0 is a game-changer for the Onewheel GT. With its array of features, riders now have the power to create a truly personalized riding experience. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie craving responsiveness or a leisurely cruiser seeking a relaxed ride, Custom Shaping 3.0 has you covered.

About Oskar Fällman

Oskar Fällman, founder of FallmanTech, is a seasoned Onewheel rider and a visionary system engineer with a master's in Industrial Management and Engineering from Lunds University. With thousands of miles under his belt, Oskar combines technical expertise with a passion for technology and innovation. As a leader in the Onewheel community, he not only rides Onewheel's but also prioritizes safety, new innovations and the growth of the sport. LinkedIn, Academia profile, Contact, Twitter.