Onewheel GT S-Series: A Game-Changer in Electric Boards?

Future Motion Inc., has taken up the fight with VESCs and alternative boards and raised the bar with the introduction of the Onewheel GT S-Series. This cutting-edge board is designed with pro riders in mind, delivering a level of performance that redefines the Onewheel experience. In this article, we’ll dive into the impressive features and innovations of the Onewheel GT S-Series and why it’s generating so much buzz in the community.

The Powerhouse of Performance

The Onewheel GT S-Series is not your average electric board. It boasts a groundbreaking 113-volt drivetrain that’s a game-changer in the world of electric boards. This voltage increase is a whopping 50% more than the previous GT model of 75V, and it will according to FM give 100% more torque at speed. (read Onewheel GT vs Onewheel GT S-Series for the full breakdown)

According to Kyle Doerksen, Founder and CEO of Future Motion, “S-Series has the power and performance most Onewheel riders dreamt of but didn’t think was possible.” The S-Series was a labor of love, involving over a year of development and intense testing with top riders.

S-Series has the power and performance most Onewheel riders dreamt of but didn’t think was possible. This was the first time we truly set out to create a board for those who are pushing the boundaries of the sport. It took over a year of development and intensive testing with the best riders, but the proof is in the pudding. Even casual riders will notice a huge difference in the capability and confidence that the S-Series inspires.

Kyle Doerksen, Founder and CEO,

Engineering Excellence

What sets the Onewheel GT S-Series apart is its state-of-the-art engineering. It features next-generation, ultra-high-power Molicell battery cells, a new cell block configuration, a redesigned battery management system, and power electronics. The S-Series motor is factory-tuned for maximum power and includes upgraded magnets and ultra-premium NSK bearings imported from Japan for an unbelievably smooth and reliable ride.

S-Series powertrain

The core of the S-Series powertrain architecture is a new industry-leading 113V drivetrain that has 50% more voltage than the Onewheel GT. The increase in voltage and design gives the board even more torque at speed decreasing the risk of a nosedive

This is powered by next-generation, ultra-high power Molicell battery cells and a new cell block configuration with a totally redesigned battery management system and power electronics.

Voltage by Onewheel model: SOURCE Future Motion, Inc.
Voltage by Onewheel model: SOURCE Future Motion, Inc.

Key Features for Performance

The Onewheel GT S-Series introduces several key features to enhance performance:

  1. Increased Power: The 113V high-voltage drivetrain delivers 50% more torque than the GT, resulting in improved performance, hill climbing, and speed.
  2. Upgraded S-Series Motor: Equipped with ultra-premium Japanese NSK bearings, the motor offers enhanced efficiency.
  3. Lowboy Footpads: A more comfortable concave footpad design lowers the ride height by 5mm, providing riders with better control and boardfeel.
  4. GT Performance Treaded Tire: This tire features compliant sidewalls and a lower durometer compound for passive stability and control at higher speeds.
  5. Lighter Weight: The S-Series sheds over two pounds compared to the Onewheel GT, making it more agile and responsive.
MotorS-Series Tuned Hypercore hub motor
BatteryNMC (113V)
SensorSolid state MEMS 6-DOF
Tire11.5×7.0-6.5in Performance Treaded Tire
Max lean angle:>30 degrees
Size9.5in x 11in x 29in
Range16-25 miles
Top Speed25mph (40kph)
Recharge time150min (80min Hypercharger)

A Safer and More Thrilling Ride

Onewheel Factory Pro Team member and test rider, Neil Bennet, attested to the difference in this board, especially the safety and performance it offers. With extra torque and a higher speed threshold, performance-minded riders will find the S-Series irresistible.

The increase in torque makes it a safer rider as there is more headroom for the board to compensate for any increase in power needed to keep the board balanced.

The Tire

The new S-Series does feature the newly released GT Performance Treaded Tire with all its benefits compared to the old stock one. It has a softer compound, and wider profile that gives more stability and dampening for a smoother and more stable ride.

Innovations that Shape Your Ride

The Onewheel GT S-Series also brings two of the latest innovations of the Onewheel GT into the new board, Custom Shaping 3.0 and Haptic Buzz. These are safety and performance features that will help your ride.

Custom Shaping 3.0 allows riders to harness the power of the new drivetrain and customize their ride in numerous ways. It has advanced control of turning dynamics, acceleration, deceleration, and sensor pad behavior.

Haptic Buzz provides riders with additional feedback on the board’s performance envelope. A haptic buzz is an alert rider can hear and feel when experiencing certain situations that can result in a nosedive. 

This is designed to work in conjunction with the existing pushback safety feature to help riders further recognize that the board’s ability to balance may soon be exceeded so they can lean back and slow down to avoid crashing.

A Future of Motion by Future Motion

Like every Onewheel, the GT S-Series is proudly assembled in the USA, reflecting Future Motion’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The S-Series is available at and selected retailers but there is quite steep increase in price. The new board is selling for $3,200, that’s almost $1,000 more than the already expensive Onewheel GT ($2,300).

The big drawback of this increase in power is the reduced range to 16-25 miles, to be compared with 20-32 of the GT. Increasing the power basically forced Future Motion to decrease the capacity of the board. What you get is the increase in power, torque, and max speed that now hits 25mph (40kph).

SOURCE Future Motion, Inc.

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