Onewheel GT footpads High Kick and Love Hump

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Onewheel GT footpads High Kick and Love Hump

There is no news that the Onewheel GT Future motion has taken a lot of the upgrades that have been developed by the community and third-party companies into their own lineup. This goes as well for the footpads. With the GT they now offer two alternatives to the stock pads, the High Kick and the Love Hump (Lovehump).

The new innovation is nothing new in the board sports communities. Like surfboards have traction pads and a concave design and skateboards call it W-concave when there is a hump in the middle. When it comes to the ride, some people love it, some hate it.

Looking into the two options, the High Kick is like a Kush Hi and the Love Hump is the one with a bump under the arch like a Platypus from Land-Surf.

Today no one knows quite how any of these GT footpads will feel and how they compare to the aftermarket alternatives. For sure there will come new GT versions with the release of the board. Many riders love the locked-in feel the upgraded footpads give you, now there is a stock option out there.

I’d recommend waiting and trying the stock pads out before spending more money on the board. It will just take some more time until alternatives and new pads will hit the market. I will be buying from the community and the companies that have driven the innovations out there.

High Kick

The GT High Kick footpad is designed to give you a locked-in feeling. The concave allows you to get a strong reference point for your back foot for optimal leverage while your ride. This is essential for a Kush Hi for the GT.

Onewheel high kick kush hi

Many riders love the more aggressive concave for trail riding. If you are seriously going to hit the trails, look into changing the back footpad and also equip your board with a treaded tire for a better grip on the ground.

Love Hump

The GT Love Hump footpad is designed with a midsole arch, the hump, with the goal to offer better comfort and control.

The Land Surf Platypus footpad debuted the hump in the middle of a concave pad. The very subtle middle “hump” gives the foot a bit of arch support and helps lock in the back foot when riding. The pad gets the W-shape because of the hump.

Onewheel love hump Platypus

This added concave enables riders to obtain a perfect feel and more control, as the concave creates a dome that fits the arches of your feet. Overall, this style of footpad will help you to be even more locked in during your ride.

The Platypus – one of the oddest animals nature has ever conceived. A mammal that lays eggs, has a duck-billed snout, and webbed feet, it’s a wacky genetic mixup that defies categorization.

The price for a rear footpad

Future Motion Inc has priced their upgrade at the same price point as the aftermarket footpads, $100. This can be considered expensive, remember that these are limited quantities and moldings cost quite a lot of money that needs to be recouped. This goes for both Future Motion Inc and any other company creating aftermarket accessories for the Onewheel.

Alternative front footpad

The Onewheel GT features a slightly concave front as stock for better comfort and control. This is an upgrade as all previous boards have come with a flat design.

There aren’t any aftermarket concave options for the front pad because of the footpad sensor. There is after-market footpad for Onewheel XR that requires you to remove the sensor from a Pint and reapply it on the new footpad. This will remove your warranty and is not something recommended for anyone not comfortable with the risk of destroying a sensor. Most likely these options will come to the GT.

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