Onewheel GT headlight (Lumens, Highbeam, New Feature)

The Onewheel GT comes with the brightest headlights to date. The lights have a  brightness of a maximum of 500 lumens, this can be compared to the Onewheel XR that has around 150 lumens. There is no specification for the Pint/Pint X, from visual inspection they are not as bright as the XR.

The LED lights have not only 300% more lumen than the XR, it also has a new high beams feature for maximum visibility. This is why there is a gap in the LED bar when looking at it from the front. The Highbeams increase the visibility and what lights up when riding in the dark.

Onewheel GT headlight high beams

The Onewheel GT new LED headlight is a real upgrade and with the maximum brightness, it’s not really needed to add any lamp accessories or ride with a headlamp when riding in the dark.

More information on what’s new and upgraded in the Onewheel GT.

New feature: Adjustable headlight

As the headlight is brighter than before it might not be perfect for all situations running at max. That’s why Future Motion Inc. has developed a new feature in the GT making it possible to adjustment of the output brightness from the LEDs.

Onewheel GT headlight app

To enter the slider to adjust the headlight brightness press and hold the headlight icon on the main screen. Slide it up and down to adjust the output from the LEDs.

Other new features of the Onewheel GT: