Onewheel Safety Beep (New Feature of the GT)

The safety beep is a new feature for the Onewheel GT. A safety beep is a requested feature from the community and something most EUC has had implemented during the past years. This is a great addition to the GT and will make it easier and safer for beginners to start learning to ride the board.

The Safety Beep is an important safety feature that produces an audible indication as you approach the board’s limits. Keep in mind that the Safety Beep is not a substitution for pushback, but it’s a separate warning system to give additional rider feedback.

Onewheel GT safety beep

It’s possible to disable the Safety Beep feature in the setting if you are an advanced rider. We recommend new riders keep it enabled and even the most experienced riders would benefit from having this feature enabled. The reason for disabling it is for race riders pushing past the pushback to increase the speed of the board, doing this increases the risk of a nosedive as the board is riding on the limit of its capacity.

Pro Tip: Always ensure that the Safety Beep feature is enabled before letting anyone else ride your board.

The Saftey Beep is one of the new features added, another additional feature is the charging feature limiting the charge to 90%.

The only board that has the safety beep function is the Onewheel GT. The Pint, Pint X, XR, Plus and V1 doesn’t have this feature. Most likely is this a feature added in the new controller of the GT as a step to become a safer device. There are lawsuits against Future Motion Inc. around the safety of the device and the risk of a nosedive. The safety beep is a step in the right direction to handle these lawsuits.