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two Onewheel GT at a trie with Performance Tire

Future Motion Inc. just released a new line of tires for the Onewheel GT, Performance. These come in both a treaded and slick version and can be seen as their answer to the after-market tires, like the Float Life (TFL) ENDURO. The new GT Performance treaded tire is not as aggressive as the old and more a mixture a treaded and slick tires like the ENDURO for the Onewheel GT.

The key selling point is a softer compound for improved passive stability in combination with thinner sidewalls. This helps the ride to be softer and as they call it “to form to any terrain” and at the same time gives the refined profile an enhanced carvability. We will see when these tires hit the riders if hold up to the claims.

The price is the same as the other aftermarket tires and a new set will cost you $125.00.

The treaded and slick version has slightly different dimensions. The Performance slick tire comes in a 6.5-inch width for a responsive feel while the treaded comes in a 7-inch width for additional stability off-road.

Going to a softer compound is a good thing as the old tires have been feeling a bit too hard. The thinner walls might also help the treaded tire to still be soft at higher pressures. Many riders had to really lower the PSI to get a smooth ride.

The drawback of a soft compound is that it will not last as long and tends to wear out quicker. This is something noticeable on the soft Enduro and why some go for the medium version.

Here is a comparison of the treads between the TFL Enduro Tire and the new GT Performance Tire. They are not really the same but both have a more shallow deapt of the groove.

GT Performance Tire vs TFL Enduro Tire
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