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Onewheel insurance

The Onewheel is considered an expensive item, and losing it due to theft is a real concern for most people. There are instances where riders have had their board stolen from under their feet. This is not something anyone wants to have to happen to them, and for this point, it’s a good idea to have the board insured.

…I was sitting at a pavilion with my board on the ground by the other side of the table, a car drove up. Grabbed my board, and speed off…

With the release of the Onewheel GT and the GT S-Series, the board is well over $3000 if it’s fully equipped with aftermarket accessories. This makes the stealing of such a board a grand theft.

We always recommend you lock your board if you ever need to leave it unguarded. This will at least stop some thieves and your Onewheel from getting stolen. Here are our recommended locks for Onewheel.

Can you get theft insurance on a Onewheel?

Depending on your insurance carrier there is a good chance that you can protect your Onewheel from theft. Some insurance companies may allow you to protect the board through the homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. Usually, the board will fall under sporting equipment.

The good news, if you could get these insurances, is that they typically protect against theft or other types of losses.

Some companies also have what’s called Segway insurance. The Onewheel will fall under this category, Segway insurance will add some other benefits compared to the homeowner or renters insurance policies.

How to find out if your insurance policy covers your Onewheel

The first you can do is to check your Homeowners or Renter policy. The homeowner’s declarations page, often shortened to “dec page,” and the policy jacket includes everything you need to know about your home insurance coverage, endorsements, and limitations.

If you don’t get your answer from there call and speak with a representative from your insurance company. They should help you and look into the specific types of items covered under the Personal Property portion of your policies.

When speaking and you get a response that your Onewheel is included in the policy make sure these conversations are documented, it can be in writing, as a recording, or ask for a transcript of the conversation. It’s important that this document clearly states that the Onewheel is included in your policy’s coverages.

Some companies don’t accept and classify the Onewheel as a self-propelled electric vehicle, so make sure that your company doesn’t do this. As above get it in writing as they may deny coverage down the line. Therefore don’t try and trick them.

How to get insurance for a Onewheel?

The first thing to do is to call your existing home or renters insurance and ask if they cover your board in the case of theft. The insurance companies have different policies so it answer will depend. The key is to explain what type of device you are riding, when they say yes, ask to get the response in writing.

Getting the response in writing can help if there is any hiccup down the line if you ever need to use your insurance. In the response, it needs to state what type of device is included so don’t try and trick the insurance company, it will not help you in the end.

Do you need road insurance for a Onewheel?

It’s not possible to get insurance for a Onewheel to drive on public roads. Due to the nature of Onewheel and other electric rideable devices, they cannot be taxed, or insured, and will not pass licensing requirements.

It’s important to check if they are legal to ride in your area.

Onewheel Models and Their Costs

When considering insurance for your Onewheel, it’s important to understand the financial investment you’re protecting. Here’s a brief overview of different Onewheel models and their respective costs:

  1. Onewheel Pint: The Pint is the most affordable model, perfect for short commutes and quick rides. It costs around $950.
  2. Onewheel+ XR: The XR model offers more range and power than the Pint. It’s priced at approximately $1,800. (Discontinued)
  3. Onewheel GT: The GT is an updated model with a new powertrain making it way more powerfull than the XR. It´s price is a $2,300.
  4. Onewheel GT S-Series: The GT S-Series is the latest and most advanced model from Onewheel. It provides superior range and speed, costing over $3,200

Remember, these prices are for the base models. If you add aftermarket accessories like fenders, footpads, or rail guards, the total cost of your Onewheel can increase significantly.

When insuring your Onewheel, make sure to account for these additional costs. The right insurance policy can provide peace of mind, protecting your investment against theft or damage. Always check with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of what’s covered under your policy.

onewheel lock

Remember to use a lock when leaving your Onewheel unattended, and always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for care and maintenance to prevent unnecessary damage.

Are you using an electric skateboard or another electric rideable device

As the Onewheel sometimes is not considered the same as an electric skateboard or e-bike it’s important to check it for the specific device you want to insure. There could be a difference depending on the insurance company you have so it’s a good idea to call your existing insurance company to confirm how they are seeing your device.

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