Onewheel XR Discontinued – “Legends never die”

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Onewheel XR Discontinued

All good things come to an end, there comes a time for new kings to take the crown. With the GT and Pint X there is time for new boards to take over. It is confirmed that the Onewheel+ XR will be discontinued and phased out of production. At the moment there is limited stock available of XR left from the manufacturer and shops around the world.

”Legends never die”

The Onewheel GT will with its upgraded performance take over from the XR as the flagship model. It’s a big leap in performance but also in price. For a complete breakdown check, Onewheel XR vs Onewheel GT. In short, 50% increase in power, a larger battery giving increased range, and a more refined build process.

A lot of Onewheel Riders will keep their XR as they have proven to be stable boards during the years. There are a lot of the different HW versions of the Onwheel XR done and releases both fixing problems but also making it increasingly difficult for 3rd part upgrades and DIY upgrades.

Do you have an older board check the hardware version, you can be sitting on a golden sample. The boards available to buy are with the latest HW and these will not allow any battery upgrades with a chip like the JWFFM Chip (that was sued).

The upgraded battery of the Pint X put it on par with the older, now discontinued, XR. It doesn’t make sense for Future Motion Inc to keep both the Pint X and XR in production even if the rid experience is totally different when comparing the boards.

Another factor is the impact of the lawsuits against Future Motion Inc around the Nosedive. The XR pushback was easily overridden by something that was fixed in the Pint. The GT now has 50% more power when compared to the older XR but not really any additional top speed, making it on paper a more secure device. Hopefully, this will show that allegation that the company is taking action and addressing the flaws pointed out in lawsuits against them.

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