Onewheel Pint vs Onewheel Pint X

Onewheel Pint has gotten a real upgrade with the release of the Onewheel Pint X. The new board tackles one of the biggest complaints about the Pint, the lack of range. In short, the Onehweel Pint X is an Onwheel Pint with an upgraded battery allowing for double the range and a slight increase in speed.

Both boards are sold for people looking for a great commuter, rocking pavement, or exploring the street. The Onewheel Pint X takes the possibilities for more adventures, longer rides, and commutes back and forth from work without the need to charge.

onewheel pint
Onewheel Pint
onewheel pint x
Onewheel Pint X
Starting Price$1.050
Range6-8 miles (10-13km)12-18 miles (19-29km)
Top Speed16mph (26km/h)18mph (29km/h)
Motor:750W Hypercore® hub motor750W Hypercore® hub motor
Battery:NMC: 18650NMC: 21700
Capacity148 Wh342 Wh
Charge Time120min225min
Tire10.5″ x 4.5-6″ Onewheel
Round Profile
10.5″ x 4.5-6″ Onewheel
Round Profile
Dimension8.75in x 10.5in x 27in (222mm x 266mm x 689mm) 8.75in x 10.5in x 27in (222mm x 266mm x 689mm)
Onewheel Pint vs Onewheel Pint X

More range new battery

The Onewheel Pint X has an upgraded battery pack installed much like the offerings from JW Batteries and ChiBatterySystems. Both companies made the upgrade to be a drop into the stock Onwheel Pint by changing the battery cells from standard 18650 to better cells. The cells are not confirmed, a candidate is high mAh 22650 or the 21700 used in the Onewheel GT. The cost is a more expensive cell, with a slightly larger form factor, and weight.

JW Batteries Pint upgrade

  • The JW batteries upgrade is just about double the stock Pint range to 12-15 miles range
  • 4.2 Amp Hours 228 Watt Hours battery.


  • 12-15+ mile range based on 200 lb rider in ideal conditions 
  • Mod-free design
  • Cell-level fusing
  • Increased cycle life and ability to fast charge

Onewheel Pint X

The Onehweel Pint X did go another way. The larger battery compartment is to enable the 15S-2P battery pack inside the board to double the range. Basically the same pack as the Onewheel XR with 324 Wh inside.

Pint X Battery Pack
Pint X Battery Pack

The good thing is that this makes it possible to change the cells of an even better pack. The big question will be if a 15S-2P high-capacity pack will fit inside the already packed battery compartment.


The Pint and Pint X shares the same controller. There is a big upgrade inside the box, Future Motion has replaced the metal nut with a plastic holding the power button so no more rattle inside the control box. Some users have reported this on the newer original Pint versions as well.

If you have a Pint you should definitely check this out as it can brick your board. See my post on the metal nut in the control box being loose and how to fix it.


The weight of the Onewheel Pint X is increased when compared to the old board with 4lbs to a total weight of 27lbs. This comes from the upgrade to a better battery. The Onewheel Pint X now weighs the same as the bigger brother Onehweel XR.


The battery upgrades come at a cost, the Onewheel Pint X is starting at $1.400, which is $350 more than the normal Onewheel Pint. If you buy a Pint and invest in a better upgrade the total price will be the same with the addition that you have voided your warranty with the upgrade. The Onewheel Pint X is a good priced product when compared to the aftermarket offerings. Still, Future Motion Inc. is taking a premium and the price should be able to be lower than a Pint with a battery extension as you don’t pay for the stock 18650 cells.

Looking for the best you can get? check the Onewheel GT and the upgrades when compared to the old flagship Onewheel XR

Many people are selling the old Onehweel Pints for the new upgraded, there are deals to be found. Here is a guide on what to think of when buying a used Onewheel.