Open Onewheel Pint Controller Box (Fix Rattle Sound Problem)

Here is how to open the Onewheel Pint controller box to fix the most common issue, the loose nut holding the power button. This nut is risking shorting the Bluetooth chip if it becomes loose. Luckily I found mine in time to fix the problem. It is a fairly simple process and you can check the board and connectors at the same time.

The reason for the rattling sound coming from the Onewheel Pint controller box is that the metal locking nut holding the power button in place has been unscrewed. It’s dangling on the power leads going from the power button and are risking shorting the Bluetooth chip if not fixed.

Onewheel Pint Controller box losse nut
This is how my board came out of the box from Future Motion Inc, the nut was loose from the factory.

What you need to open the controller box:

  1. If you have the fender remove the four screws holding it down and set the fender aside.
  2. Turn the Onewheel upside down and remove the four screws holding the sensor pad from the bottom side.
  3. Turn the Onewheel back and remove the remaining two screws from the sensor pad.
Onewheel Pint Sensor pad
  1. Gently lift the sensor pad, you can rest it on the wheel, just make sure that it doesn’t fall down pulling on the cable. You can disconnect the sensor pad from the controller and move the pad aside.
  2. With the security bit remove the screws holding the lid of the controller box. You will void your warranty sticker when doing this step.
Onewheel Pint Controller box
  1. Open the controller box and the nut will be located on the left side where the power button is. If the nut has unscrewed, screw it back in and security with glue. I used fast adhesive (instant glue) and a glue gun, other people are using silicone to fix it in place.
  2. When assembling the controller box it’s important to make sure that the gasket is inside the groove before closing and securing the lid. It might take a couple of times if the gasket seems a bit too big like mine. At this step, it’s possible to make the board more waterproof by applying a Waterproofing Kit for Onewheel (badger kit) kit from Badgerwheel. For more information go to his homepage.
  3. Before putting the sensor pad on and the last screws, take some time to check the cable fasteners going into the controller box to make sure that they are fully connected. Screw back the sensor board and fender if you ride with one.

Are you having other problems check the Onewheel Troubleshooting Guide or the Complete Error code List for more help.

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