Onewheel XR vs Onewheel GT (Specs)

For a long time, the Onehweel+ XR has been the flagship model from Future Motion Inc. now 3 years after the release in 2018 the new king has arrived, the Oneewheel GT. Here is the breakdown of the differences and similarities between the Onewheel GT and XR.

Both boards are sold for people looking for big adventures, long commutes and hitting the trails and off-road tracks.

Powerful, Rugged, Supremely Confident, Bold, Uncompromising, Fierce, Gritty, Earthy Top Note.

Onewheel XR
Onewheel XR
Onewheel GT
Onewheel GT
Starting Price$1.799
Range12-18 miles (19-29km)20-32 miles (32-52km)
Top Speed19mph (30km/h)20mph (32km/h)

2hp max Power3hp max Power
Motor:750W Hypercore® hub motor750W Hypercore® hub motor
Battery:NMC: 18650NMC: 21700
Charge Time110min200min
Tire11.5″ x 6.5-6″ Vega
Square Profile
11.5″ x 6.5-6.5″ Onewheel
Round profile
Dimension9.5” x 29.5”9.5” x 29.5”


The GT is packing what looks like a 18s2 battery back giving a drastic increase of voltage compared to the 63V 15s2 18650 battery pack in the XR. The 21700 has a nominal voltage of 3.7V-4.2 depending on charge level giving the board a good increase in the Voltage rating.

This is the reason for the increase of power, torque and the dynamic performance increase state by Future Motion Inc. The XR had a maximum power of two horsepower, the GT will deliver 50% with three horsepower as peak output.

It’s not only the increase in voltage, the added cells. The additional cells enable the controller to pull more current without damaging the battery. The Voltage and Current drawn is what gives the board the possibility to increase the power output to the motor. Both boards have the same 750W hypercore motor, don’t get fooled by the motor rating. It’s not the motor that states the maximum power output of the board.

Power is voltage times current (P= V*I),


The increased range comes from the increase in capacity moving from 18650 to 21700 cells. The 21700 is slightly larger but can pack 3000 to 5000mAh, this compared to standard 18650 batteries that have an mAH in the range from 2000 to 3500mAh.

The range is increased by ~30% corresponding to the updated cell capacity increase. This allows the user to ride up to 32mi/52km on a single charge, enabling almost a full day of riding without recharging the board.


One of the first things XR riders are doing is to change the back footpad for concave footpads. This allows for more control and a better locked-in feel. This now comes standard with the GT also including an updated grip tape that Future Motion Inc. is claiming to be grippier than compared to the old XR.


Another big change is the possibility to change to a treaded tire from the start. If you plan to ride any off-road, which is where the XR and GT will shine, then a treaded tire is a must. During floatfest there was a lot of people slipping on the muddy ground with their slicks where a treaded tire would have kept the traction to the ground.

The downside with the new Onewheel GT tire is size, it’s 11.5″ x 6.5-6.5″ making it custom made for Future Motion Inc. In the current state at launch, there are no aftermarket tires that fit the new board.

Another update is the tire profile of the GT. It’s now a rounder feel allowing for a more carvy feel and better when compared to the XR. A lot of people has asked for the carvability of the Pint in the XR body, this is the answer to this request. If you have an XR check out the Growler kit if you still want to get it without buying a new board.

Build Quality

The Onewheel GT is really a step up in the build quality following the path of Onewheel Pint. We will see if it on the paper will be more water-resistant than its predecessor.

The LED light is claimed to be 300% brighter.


The weight of the Onewheel GT is 35lbs. It’s a large increase when compared with the XR of “only” 27lbs. The added pounds are coming from the batteries and the needed increase of compartment to hold them.


The is a change in how you carry the board. The Onehweel GT comes with the premium aluminium Maghandle as a default addition to the board, allowing you to carry it as the Onehweel Pint. This is necessary as the board is heavier than the XR and the front handle would be cumbersome to use for a longer period of time.


All the upgrades come at a cost, the Onewheel GT is starting at $2.200 compared to the $1.799 of the XR. Still, this is a good price with all the upgrades as range, concave footpads and power.

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What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for