Onewheel Race For The Rail 2023

Oskar Fällman

Onewheel Race For The Rail 2023

In the final round of the “Race for the Rail” at Sky Tavern ski area in Reno, Nevada, the top Onewheel riders battled for the championship and a $10,000 prize. The race featured intense competition among riders, including Jafari, Austin Silva, defending champion Kyle Hansen, and Tyler James.

The race was marked by thrilling moments, with Jafari initially taking the lead but eventually being passed by Tyler James. Austin Silva also made a strong push for the lead but narrowly missed it. In a dramatic sequence near the finish line, Tyler James and Austin Silva both lost control, allowing Tyler to recover and secure the victory.

In the end, Tyler James emerged as the champion for the second time, making him the first male two-time winner of the “Race for the Rail.” He expressed his gratitude and love for the sport and his fellow riders. Kyle Hansen finished in second place, and Jafari took third place, impressing everyone with his skills at just 14 years old.

The event was filled with excitement, clean racing, and impressive performances by all the riders, making it a memorable day for the one-wheel racing community.

This year the riders were able to customize their boards with Custom Shaping for the Onewheel GT unling its full potential, and showing what the GT is made of. This is a feature the community is waiting for to go public.

The finalist in men’s 2023

  1. Jafari: Jafari Silsley was the number one seed and the youngest rider in the competition at just 14 years old. Despite his age, he displayed remarkable composure and skill throughout the race. Jafari initially grabbed the lead with a strong start, and while he didn’t secure the victory, he left a lasting impression and will come back for more.
  1. Austin Silva: Austin Silva was a mainstay on the Onewheel racing circuit, known for his consistent performance. He made a spirited push for the championship and came close to taking the lead from Tyler James. Silva’s aggressive riding style and determination to make crucial passes demonstrated his competitiveness.
  1. Kyle Hansen (El Gato): Kyle Hansen was the defending world champion, adding extra pressure to perform well in the competition. Although he didn’t secure the top spot this time, his calm and calculated racing strategy was evident. Hansen’s performance in the race showcased his experience and skill as a top-level rider.
  1. Tyler James: Tyler James emerged as the ultimate champion of the 2023 “Race for the Rail.” His victory marked the second time he had claimed the title, making him the first male two-time winner of the competition. Tyler’s win was characterized by his incredible recovery after a near fall, showcasing his determination and skill. He also expressed his deep love for the sport and appreciation for his fellow riders, highlighting the camaraderie within the Onewheel racing community.

Thanks to Future Motion, commentators, volunteers, public, and all riders for this epic event!

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Oskar Fällman, founder of FallmanTech, is a seasoned Onewheel rider and a visionary system engineer with a master's in Industrial Management and Engineering from Lunds University. With thousands of miles under his belt, Oskar combines technical expertise with a passion for technology and innovation. As a leader in the Onewheel community, he not only rides Onewheel's but also prioritizes safety, new innovations and the growth of the sport. As a system engineer he also holds a multiple patents and innovations. LinkedIn, Academia profile, Contact, Twitter, Patents.