Unlocking Peak Performance: Custom Shaping for the Onewheel GT

Future Motion Inc. has released a video confirming that custom shaping is in the works and if everything goes as planned it will be released to the riders in this year’s Race for the Rail. This is a feature many riders have been asking for since day one of the launch of the board. They also confirm that the delay is a direct response to the CPSC.

Let’s dive into what makes custom shaping for the Onewheel GT a game-changer.

The Game-Changer: Custom Shaping

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter – custom shaping. This is the feature that has racers and enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. Custom shaping offers riders the ability to fine-tune their Onewheel GT’s performance without the need for hardware upgrades.

“It’s like having a whole new board at your fingertips.”

The custom shaping will be a part of Digital Shaping 3.0.

If its anything like the XR then it will be something in the line of Carvability, Stance Profile, and Aggressiveness of the board.

Carvability is a multiplier that’s applied to aggressiveness when the board is turned on the side. Setting a high carve will cause the board to accelerate while turning, this will make the board feel more stable and tight. A low carve will cause the board not to accelerate as much when turning for a looser, fluid, and buttery feeling.

Stance Profile, set the angle of the board in the neutral position to nose up or down. Nose down for more of a snowboard feel and carve or lift it up for increased clearance on grass and trails.

Aggressiveness affects how strongly the board tries to get back to the neutral position when the nose is pushed down or up. Low aggressiveness will make the board feel mellow and allow you to dip the nose and tail further down. High aggressiveness will cause the board to be more aggressive and respond more stronger to user inputs.

Early Access for the Racers

One of the most exciting aspects of this year’s Race for the Rail is that all racers will have early access to custom shaping. While its availability depends on the CPSC timeline, the race organizers are committed to ensuring that racers have this tool at their disposal. The treacherous course demands adaptability, and custom shaping is the key to conquering its challenges.

A Personalized Experience

Custom shaping allows riders to tailor their Onewheel GT to their unique preferences. Want more speed and acceleration for those straightaways? No problem. Prefer an aggressive style for taking on tight turns and obstacles? You got it. With custom shaping, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Fine-Tuning for Maximum Potential

One racer explains the benefits of custom shaping, highlighting adjustments to yaw and roll. These tweaks allow for optimal performance on wooden features and enhance acceleration. The result? A board that’s finely tuned to its maximum potential, providing racers with a competitive edge like never before if we trust Future Motion.

Still, the custom shaping is one of the best features of XR and something Pint riders have been missing over all these years.

The Aggressive Advantage

For those who love the thrill of speed and aggressive riding, custom shaping offers the ability to push the boundaries. By cranking up the aggressiveness settings, riders can experience acceleration akin to a race car off the line, setting the stage for epic performances on the track. This is most likely why they are waiting for the response from the CPSC, increasing the aggressiveness of the board could result in an increased risk of nosedives, resulting in injuries.

What’s Next?

While this sneak peek into custom shaping is exhilarating, we can’t wait for it to be released for everyone. They state that a full custom shaping breakdown video is on the horizon, offering a comprehensive guide to making the most of this feature.

Until then, stay tuned for its public release.

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