2020 Toyota Corolla Tire Jack Points (Complete Guide)

It’s a good idea to know how to use the tire jack in case of an emergency or if you want to save some money when changing your tires according to the seasons. Here are the tire jacking points of the Toyota Corolla hybrid and how to use them.

The tire jacking points are located on the side rim of the vehicle and are indicated by a reinforced jack. These can be used when lifting the car with the emergency tire jack (scissor jack).

If you got the Toyota Corolla CR with no extra wheel you don’t get a car jack and needs to purchase one either locally or one like Amvia Scissor Jack for Car from Amazon. The Amvia Scissor Jack has some benefits compared to the generic like a ratchet instead of the normal reducing the effort required to lift your vehicle.

Using the tire jack on a Toyota Corolla

  1. Make sure that the car is stopped on level ground.
  2. Engage the parking brakes (or emergency brake) and turn off the car.
  3. If you can secure the wheel diagonally opposite to the one you want to lift. This can be done with a block, stone or whatever that’s handy.
  4. Locate the jacking points under the vehicle. They are located just past the front wheel and before the back.
  5. Put the jack properly in its jack point. It should be aligned centre on the jacking point.
  1. Observe the following precautions. Improper use of the tire jack may cause the vehicle to suddenly fall off the jack, leading to death or serious injury. A good idea is to use the spare tire under the vehicle if you don’t have a jack stand at hand. Do not put any part of your body under the vehicle while it is supported by the jack.
  2. Gently raise the car. When rasing make sure the jack stand is not moving and still located correctly. Do not lift the car more than necessary to either put a jack stand in place or to freely remove the tire. If using a jack stand, slide it under the car and gently lower it until the car sits on the stand.

Warning, Do not do this when using the tire jack

  • Do not raise the vehicle while someone is inside.
  • When raising the vehicle, do not put an object on or under the jack.
  • Do not raise the vehicle to a height greater than that required to replace the tire.
  • Use a jack stand if it is necessary to get under the vehicle.
  • When lowering the vehicle, make sure that there is no-one near the vehicle. If there are people nearby, warn them vocally before lowering.

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