Onewheel XR Tire Pressure (Recommended PSI & Guide)

The tire pressure will impact your ride and changing it will impact the feel of your board. It’s therefore important to try different settings to find what you like and what suits your riding style. The tire coming with the Onewheel XR is the VEGA.

The optimal Onewheel XR tire pressure is to take your weight in lbs divided by 10 to get the tire pressure in PSI. Don’t go over 20 PSI on the stock Vega tire

For anyone using a metric system or who wants to do the calculations use our tire pressure calculator here.

From my experience, higher pressure feels stiffer and increases the responsiveness of weight-shifting and control. When lower the psi the board becomes a bit looser and more forgiving. This is why it’s recommended to be on the lower side as a beginner.

Future Motion Inc. states not to go over 20 PSI on the stock Vega tire. Experience riders have raised it over the recommendations to get a little more range. *Do this at your own risk.

Third-Party Tires

If you are riding with a third-party tire like the Hoosier a good starting point is at least 15-20 PSI. Different tires have a different hardness of the rubber that will impact the ride. If you want your tire to be harder and more round, increase your tire pressure by a few PSI. A great benefit is that you will get a better range with a higher PSI.

The drawback of lower PSI is the reduction in both speed and range. The benefits are a softer, more squishy ride and you will reduce the impacts of bumpy roads, rocks, and other obstacles. Making a lower pressure preferable for trails and off-road riders.

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Onewheel XR Tire Maximum Pressure

Here are the max and min pressures for the Onewheel XR with its Vega tire according to Future Motion.

MIN – 14 PSI / 0.97 bar / 97kPa
– 20 PSI / 1.38 bar / 138 kPa

WARNING: Exceeding the recommended maximum pressure of 20 PSI (1.4 bar) could damage your Onewheel and result in injury. It will also void your warranty. CAUTION: Riding Onewheel with a flat or under-inflated tire wall will void your warranty.

Future Motion

The Onewheel XR tire has a maximum pressure of 20PSI. This is to ensure the integrity of the tire. The minimum pressure of 14 PSI is so the sidewall will not collapse when hitting an object and the impact force cracks the hub motor. There is a risk of damage to the motor when running over an obstacle or curb with too low pressure.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor on table
Xiaomi Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor


It’s good to have a compressor or battery-powered pump to dial in the pressure of your tire. I use the Xiaomi Mi/S1 Portable Electric Air Compressor. It’s a relatively cheap, good-performing air pump that can handle not only your Onewheel but also top-up the tires of your car if you are in need.

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