Oura Ring Charger Replacement

The Oura Ring uses a charging dock specifically made for the ring. It uses wireless charging to recharge the ring’s battery. It’s not possible to use any standard wireless charging pad so you need to get the official one from Oura.

It’s now possible to buy a replacement charging set from the official Oura website. It’s crucial that you get the right size of the dock as the charger is designed for the specific ring size. A smaller dock can charge a larger ring if it’s seated correctly, it’s recommended to get the correct size for your ring.

If you are regular travelling it’s a good idea to get am extra charger to keep in your travelling bag. Even if the battery of the Oura will last for a couple of days its good to keep it charged regularly to increase the lifetime of the battery. The charger is small and will not take up any extra space in the luggage and can even be kept in a handbag. The USB-C cable can usually be found wherever you go.

Get your replacement charger set from here (Offical Oura Website). The cost of the set is €69/$69.

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Not sure about your ring size?

There are a couple of ways to check your ring size. Here is the list below:

  • The easiest way is to look at your order to confirm our ring size. 
  • The size is stamped on the inside of the ring.
  • If you are having your old charger it can be found on the bottom side. 

The Charging Cable

The Oura ring charges use a standard USB-C charging cable into the dock. You can use any that comes with your phone or other devices you got laying around.

If you are having problems with charging the ring try using a different USB-A to USB-C cable. Another trick is to turn the USB-C cable 180 degrees and reinsert it into the ring charger. Some cables need to be seated correctly for the dock to charge.

Charge without charger

It’s not possible to charge the Oura ring without a charger. The ring uses two small wireless charging pads inside the band and inside the charging dock to transfer the energy. It doesn’t work to put the ring on a standard Qi-wireless charging pad or any other wireless charging station.

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