Return or Exchange an Oura Ring

Return or Exchange an Oura Ring

Buying an expensive technology ring is a big decision and even if you have used the sizing ring it might have gotten the wrong size and need to change or you would like to return it for another reason. Looking Oura ring allows you to return the Oyra Ring for any reason as long as … Read more

Oura Gen3 Horizon – The Round Ring

Oura Horizon hand near water and ring standing on roll

The Oura team has introduced their latest model of the generation 3 ring. The Horizon, changes the shape of the now iconic Gen 2 and the Gen 3 by making the ring perfectly circular. The technology is the same and they are also adding a new color to the mix, Rose Gold. A perfectly round … Read more

Oura Ring Charger Replacement

Oura ring charger on table

The Oura Ring uses a charging dock specifically made for the ring. It uses wireless charging to recharge the ring’s battery. It’s not possible to use any standard wireless charging pad so you need to get the official one from Oura. It’s now possible to buy a replacement charging set from the official Oura website. … Read more

Oura Ring Warranty (What To Know)

Oura Ring On Ground

If you are having any problems with your ring it’s always a good thing to look into the warranty to understand if you are covered. Even if you are not, or you are unsure send a warranty inquiry to the support to try and get some help. The author had problems that his first ring … Read more

Oura Ring Subscription (Monthly & Lifetime)

Oura ring in hand

With the introduction of the Oura Ring Gen 3, the whole business model for the company was changed. Oura has never exclusively been a tech company and they have invested in the technology platform around their smart rings. With the new ring, they introduce the Oura Membership, a subscription that cost $5.99/month. According to the … Read more