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VESC 6 Controller 75-300

The VESC 6 Controller is the latest hardware from Benjamin Vedder and the team behind the VESC. It replaces the older VESC 4 with some added upgrades to the HW design. The official boards from Trampa Board and also many of the VESC Options out there are built on the newer version six design.

It´s recommended to get get a v6 over a v4 if you have the possibility to choose.

Upgraded Design of The VESC 6 Controller

One of the main upgrades to the hardware is the movement from a 2-hunt resistor design to a 3-shunt resistor in the VESC 6 Controller. It´s theoretically possible to calculate the third lead to the motor if you measure the two other (2-shunt). The issue is that this calculation adds some calculation errors that introduce some current ripples, and these ripples will impact the riding experience. 

Add the measurement resistor to the third lead, e.g 3-shunt design removes the need for calculation and makes the VESC 6 have a smoother and more linear acceleration when compared to the VESC 4.

Another added benefit of version 6 is that it allows for a higher max current limit, increasing the max power of the controller.

The VESC 6 controller comes has a max voltage configuration of 60V-100V with a max current of 300A depending on the controller. This allows for a range of battery configurations.

VESC 6 Schematics

The VESC Project releases the HW Schematic for everyone to use if you want to design your own controller. Down below are links to the schematic for the official VESC hardware versions that have been published. 

Official VESC 6 Schematics from VESC Project:

Image source: VESC 6 plus

VESC is a registered trademark by Benjamin Vedder and is not allowed to be used in any product name. Rember to give a reference to the VESC Project.

All schematics found above are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

Trampa Boards VESC 6

Trampa Boards is the official source for VESC Controllers and are the only manufacturer that is allowed to use the trademark VESC in the name of their controller. They have currently a couple of offerings depending on what requirement you have. Down below is the list and specifications.

Here is a list of VESC alternatives and options that are not made by Trampa Boards.

VESC 6 Controllers Specification Data Sheet

ModelVoltageCurrentPeak CurrentBattery OptionCurrent Sens
VESC 6 MKVI11.1V – 60V80A150A3S-12S LiPo3-Phase Shunts
VESC 6 MKVI HP11.1V – 60V100A200A3S-12S LiPo3-Phase Shunts
VESC 6 7514V – 63V60A120A3S-16S LiPo3-Phase Shunts
VESC 75V 300A14V – 75V300A450A3S-16S LiPo3-Phase Shunts
VESC 100V 250A14V – 100V250A400A 4S-22S LiPo3-Phase Shunts
VESC 6 Controllers Specification Data Sheet

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