VESC Options

The VESC was designed by Benjamin Vedder and is an open-source Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). Benjamin released both the hardware and software for anyone to use and build upon and it has been widely adopted by the community.

As a result of partnering up with Trampa Boards Ltd and registering the VESC trademark, they are the only manufacturer that is allowed to use the trademark “VESC” in their product names. There are many VESC derivatives out there that are built on the same platform but don’t have the name VESC.

The ESC like the VESC is one of the most expensive parts of a build. The good things are that companies have started to make versions of it pushing down the price during the last few years. Now VESC cost somewhere from $150 to $300.

Examples of VESC derivatives:

VESC Version 4 vs Version 6

VESC comes in two main versions, version 4 and the newer version 6. The VESC-6 Controller has a smoother linear acceleration when compared to the VESC-4. This comes from the upgraded current measurement design of the V6 compared to the V4. The VESC-4 is built upon a 2-shunt configuration, measuring two of the three leads to the motor and calculating the third. This calculation and only measuring two of the three adds measurements and calculation errors while controlling and introducing current ripples. The VESC-6 uses instead an upgraded design with 3-shunts, measuring all three leads and removing this error.

The V6 design also allows for a higher max current limit than the V4, increasing the max power of the controller. 

VESC Options

Here is a list of some of the most commonly used VESC options used by the community. There are many manufacturers out there and new players are entering the field. As with most things, it’s recommended to use a reliable source and component, especially if you are planning to use the controller for a self-balancing device as a Onewheel.

VESC Options for Onewheel

There are not that many options for VESC for the Onewheel VESC build. The main manufacturer that is recommended by the community is MakersPEV and their Little FOCer line of controllers.

Little FOCer Rev3 ESC Electric Speed Controller
Little FOCer Rev3 ESC Electric Speed Controller

VESC Options

Here is the list of the official offerings of VESC from Trampa Board Ltd. They only have the updated version 6 design of the controller.

For cheaper alternatives, there are offerings from alternative manufacturers. As VESC is trademarked they are not allowed to have the branding in their name. The controllers are either V4 or V6 versions of the VESC design. These are the most commonly used ESC in the community.

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