VESC – Power Voltage Amperage (Guide)

VESC Power Voltage Amperage

When buying a VESC there are a couple of concepts that are good to understand. Power, voltage, and amperage are all important when deciding the best VESC Option for your device. They are important in the micromobility universe when building electric skateboards, scooters, and Onewheel’s you often hear Power limits (W) and battery Voltage and … Read more

VESC 6 Controller

VESC 6 Controller 75-300

The VESC 6 Controller is the latest hardware from Benjamin Vedder and the team behind the VESC. It replaces the older VESC 4 with some added upgrades to the HW design. The official boards from Trampa Board and also many of the VESC Options out there are built on the newer version six design. It´s … Read more

VESC Onewheel XR

VESC Onewheel XR

The VESC Onewheel XR or as it should be described VESC XR is basically an XR where the stock controller from Future Motion has been changed to a VESC controller. This makes the board fully configurable and enables the possibility to be customized the behavior of the board, everything from tilt angle, speed, and breaking … Read more

Onewheel VESC (Information)

Onewheel VESC

With the increase in popularity of the Onewheel board, there has also become an interest in the do-it-yourself community to either build your own or modify an existing board. Here is where the Onewheel VESC comes to play. The Onewheel VESC is, in short, a Onewheel from Future Motion Inc where the user has swapped … Read more

How To Download The VESC Tool

How To Download The VESC Tool

This is a short guide to help you download the VESC Tool Software. VESC Tool is replacing the older BLDC-Tool and is released as an Open Source Project. The tool works with any controller that is based upon the VESC Open Source Project. This means that both the official VESC Controllers from Trampa Boards Ltd … Read more

VESC Options

VESC Options

The VESC was designed by Benjamin Vedder and is an open-source Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). Benjamin released both the hardware and software for anyone to use and build upon and it has been widely adopted by the community. As a result of partnering up with Trampa Boards Ltd and registering the VESC trademark, they are … Read more

What is VESC (Complete Guide)

What is VESC

VESC stands for Vedder Electronic Speed Controller and is an open-source ESC (Electric Speed Controller) that is used to control a multitude of devices like Onewheel´s, electric-skateboards. In simplified terms, it’s the brain of the device that controls the speed (current) of the motor or how hard it should break, and regenerate the energy. Most … Read more