Fiido X recall as the frame can break in half

Fiido, the Hong Kong-based manufacturer of electric bikes, has suspended sales of its Fiido X and is preparing a recall of the bike. There have been reports and the internal test showing a weakness in the frame that could cause the folding e-bike to break in two. The company will release another official announcement with more details by April 12th.

This is the official statement of Fiido Team regarding the faulty Fiido X frame, for all Fiido X users please wait for another official announcement from Fiido Team on April 12, 2022 regarding on what they will do with the faulty Fiido X frame.
We highly suggest that you stop using the Fiido X for now until further notice from Fiido factory.
Rest assured for our Fiido X user that we will assist you with any concerns about the ebike. Please do note that this statement is for Fiido X only no other models are affected by this issue.

Fiido Team

The Fiido X is a folding e-bike built on a new lightweight magnesium frame and folding mechanism. By the breaking point of the frame, it looks like it’s here where the weak spot lies. By the break, it looks like its fatigue cracking in the casted frame.

Fiido X issue magnesium frame
Fiido X issue magnesium frame | Photo: Javier (cib)

Metal fatigue cracking is a phenomenon that results from the essential properties of fracture mechanics. When stress factors on a metal frame exceed its tensile strength, a process that may progress over time, defects such as cracks may occur that could lead to breakage.

Magnesium-based alloys suffer from poor ductility and lower than desired fatigue performance. [r]

The Fiido revealed the X electric bike in the summer of 2021. The folding design of the bike uses a new casted magnesium alloy frame with a low-profile folding mechanism. After the release, multiple Fiido X electric bikes have reportedly shown metal fatigue marks on the frame around the folding area and some have even broken in half.

After receiving the first report of a defective frame of the Fiido X, the company did take action and suspended the sale of the model. Internal tests were performed in a testing lab and the company confirmed the defective nature of the frame and provided a statement urging current riders to stop using the e-bikes. Fiido has promised more details to follow by early next week, including recall details to come.

Photo: Javier (cib)