Onewheel Pint/Pint X Hardware and Firmware Versions

The most common question related to Onewheel Pint hardware and firmware version is to check if you are able to use battery modifications to extend the range of the device.

Hardware Versions

All HW versions of the Pint prior and including 5314 fo work to with battery modifications like VnR, JW battery and Quart.

HW versionModification
5300VnR works, JWbattery works, Quart works
5301VnR works, JWbattery works, Quart works
5314VnR works, JWbattery works, Quart works
5315To be confirmed
Onewheel Pint Hardware Version List

Firmware Versions

Not all versions of firmware work with battery modifications. If you are running a board with Gemini 5050 you can’t run with the application connected to your board. Disconnect the app before starting your ride. It’s fine to connect and change settings and then disconnect. The application is tracking the battery (voltage) change compared to mileage traveled and can detect if a modification has been done to the board.

If you want to check your distance traveled use another training application for tracking movement like Strava.

On the latest firmware Gemini 5059 no battery modifications works. It is therefore recommended not to upgrade your board if you plan to do any range mods. The only way to get around this is to purchase a chip from JW battery (JWFFM). This chip removes the paring between BMS and controller and also allows for battery modifications.

Firmware VersionModification
Gemini 5042VnR works, JWbattery works, Quart works
Gemini 5040VnR works, JWbattery works, Quart works
Gemini 5046VnR works, JWbattery works, Quart works
Gemini 5050VnR works, JWbattery works, Quart works
Note: All battery mods work but you need to keep the app disconnected while riding.
Gemini 5059 VnR will not work, JWbattery or Quart – need JWFFM chip to work
Onewheel Pint Software Version List

How To Check Onewheel Pint Hardware Version

Connect your board with the Onehweel app. Press the Onewheel text just above the digital shaping or swipe upwards. Then press diagnostics.

Here you can see your Hardware and Firmware version and a lot of other information about our board.

Pint X Hardware and Firmware Version

The Pint X is one of the least updated boards. Down below is the currently know list.

Hardware Version: 7314
Firmware Version: 5076

What is VnR

VnR stands for Vamp & Ride and is a modification to your board that allows the connection of an external battery, like a power tool battery, to extend the range of the board. It’s basically connecting to the main leads inside the connector’s box to allow for a second battery to be connected.

The benefit of vamping is that you are not doing anything to the BMS (Battery Management System) connections with the risk of bricking your board. On the Pint, you connect inside the controller box.

Check this post for a full list of the available Onewheel Pint Battery upgrades.

If you are looking for the hardware version of the Onewheel XR check here.