JWFFM Chip by JW Batteries

Future Motion Inc. has with the latest hardware versions on both the Onewheel XR and Pint paired the BMS and Controller to hinder battery upgrades and repairs. The JWFFM Chip allows Onewheel owners the possibility to upgrade their Onewheels with extended battery options and fix the boards.

IMPORTANT: JW Batteries is in no way affiliated with Future Motion. Installation of our battery and/or chip will void your FM warranty.

The JWFFM Chip allows Onewheel owners the freedom to upgrade their Onewheel XR or Onewheel Pint with extended range battery options and much more!

Starting with Onewheel XR hardware version 4210 and above, extended range battery options on the Onewheel was removed. The Onewheel Pint has always had the controller and BMS paired from the release. Effectively blocking and swapping the hardware.

The JWFFM chip improves your board performance by allowing for the installation of battery extensions and enhanced battery.

JWFFM chip from JW Batteries back side

With the JWFFM Chip, all Onewheel XR and Onewheel Pint boards can use any time of battery extensions, either from JW, Quartz or VNR packs. It truly expands the range of the boards, especially for the Pint. I can say that I sometimes got range anxiety on my stock Pint.

Say goodbye to range anxiety!

The second great benefits by bypassing the paring of the hardware are the right of repair. With the introduction of paired controller/BMS Future Motion Inc. shut down the possibility to repair a board with either a fried BMS or Controller. This is in my mind the greatest achievement of the chip.

How does the JWFFM Chip work.

This is of course a trade secret and JW is not sharing this information. What we know are that the JWFFM chip piggybacks on the battery management system to provide accurate battery readings and disrupt the “pairing” of the BMS and main controller.

It’s connected in the communication line by the TX RX between the controller and BMS. The BMS and Controller are talking with a serial interface.

The chip will not show accurate battery voltages in the application indicating the disruption between the systems.

How to install the JWFFM Chip

Installing the JWFFM chip is not the easiest and if you are not prepared to do some small soldering I would heavily recommend you to contact a Onewheel repair shop.

Click Here for a video going over the installation of the JWFFM chip from JW Batteries.

I’m not responsible for any damages installing caused when installing the chip. It’s up to the reader to follow the guidance from JW Batteries.

jwffm chip
  1. The best location is to put it in the battery compartment. Make sure to protect the chip with some electric tape.
  2. You connect the chip between the green and white wire connecting the BMS and Controller. Place the chip where it will be located and measure the correct posistion to cut the cables.
  3. Strip the cables and to prepare for the next steps.
  4. The chip is powered by 5v from the BMS. Solder the 5v and ground from the BMS to the chip.
  5. Solder the green and white cables on to the chip.
    1. The green on the 6pin connector is negative and goes to the square on the side with the LED facing you. (top J2) Solder the white on the bottom posistion.
    2. Then solder the green cable going to the controler on the top right poistion and the white on the bottom right.
  6. Check your soldinger work and trim any excess off.
  7. Package everything inside and make sure not to short anything. A good idea is to use some electric tape to protect the chip.

WARNING: If you are installing an upgraded battery look at the installation guide so you don’t connect the BMS in the wrong way, this could fry your board because Future Motion is not following common guidelines.

Future Motion is suing JW batteries for the JWFFM Chip and Trademark infringement, read more about it here.

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