Can you return your Onewheel (Return Policy)

Buying a board for almost 2k is a big investment for most people. It’s, therefore, a good idea to understand if Onewheeling and floating around is for you. The fact that Future Motion only accepts boards in unused condition and unopened items makes this hard for most people.

You can return unused and unopened Onewheel within 30 days of delivery. The shipping/restocking fee will be processed and deducted from the refunds after an evaluation process made by Future Motion Inc.

They clearly state on their site that ”All sales are final”

This has made a new market form, ”try before you buy”. Companies like SUPrent are starting to go into Onewheels. Here you can rent a board for 3 to 10 days and if you decided to buy it the rent fee goes towards the price of the board. This is like we are used to doing in the skiing market where you rent your skies and test them before you buy. You can read more about renting companies and how to test your board in Rent a Onewheel before you Buy -Try/Demo a board!.