Onewheel warranty

From the manual, it’s recommended to avoid streets and surfaces with water, sand, gravel, dirt, leaves, and other debris. The key is that any water damage is not covered under warranty and will make you void it. This can be a bit contradictory when looking at the commercial movies from Future Motion showing the board riding on the beach or snow.

As a rider, it’s important to know that the board is not waterproof and you are risking breaking the board and need for a costly repair if it becomes water damaged.

Another key thing when reading on the site is the statement regarding

Purchasing any PRODUCT from an unauthorized reseller, including any online purchase other than directly from the COMPANY, will void all product warranties to the extent permitted by law.

Future Motion Inc.

COMPONENT WARRANTY DURATION NOTES: (For defects in materials and workmanship.)

ComponentsWarranty Duration
Onewheel1 Year or total mileage
Footpad, Tire, Battery Pack6 Months

WARRANTY from Future Motion Inc.


  • Total mileage is over 2000km / 1243 miles.
  • Damage has been caused by modification or use outside those specified in the user manual.
  • The barcode or serial number of the product has been altered or removed.
  • The warranty registration is inconsistent with the product itself.
  • The product has been dismantled or repaired by an unauthorized third party.
  • Water damage is not covered under warranty.
  • Damage or fault has been caused by other issues (excluding product design, manufacture, quality, etc.)
  • Natural wear and tear that does not affect product function (including scratches and wear and tear on frame rails, footpad, tires, etc.)
  • Damage has been caused by accidents or human errors, such as breakage caused by rusting in a very wet environment.
  • Damage has been caused by overloading the Onewheel+
  • Damage has been caused by acts-of-god such as fire, flood, earthquake, freezing, etc.
  • Products purchased from an unauthorized reseller, including any online purchase other than directly from Future Motion, Inc., to the extent permitted by law.

What modifications voids the warranty.

More or less any modification of the board voids the warranty like:

  1. Changing the grip tape
  2. Tire
  3. Any internal or external modification of the battery
  4. Footpad replacement as long as it’s not a OEM pad from Future Motion Inc.
  5. Open battery or controller conpartment.

How to repair a Onewheel out of warranty?

If your Onewheel is out of warranty either by time/mile or modification you have some options for repair:

  1. There is alaways the option to send it to Future Motion for diagnosis and repair. You will need to stand for the shipping costs both ways that will add up if you live far away. Riders have reportat that repair costs can be high so this is not my prefered option.
  2. The right to repair is growing strong so you mig find a local Onewheel repair shop. If you live in a bigger city this cloud be a great option. They can usually also help you with tire changes when this comes your way.
  3. There is always do it yourself. if you are handy and feel up to the task of taking apart, diagnosing, and repairing your broken Onewheel, this could be a fun project. YouTube is your friend. Good luck!

Frequently asked questions

How long is Onewheel warranty?

The warranty of the Onewheel from defects in materials and workmanship are either 2 months or 2000 KM (1243 miles), whichever comes first. The warranty for the footpad, tire and battery pack is 6 months / 1000 KM (622 miles).

Does changing tire on Onewheel void warranty?

Changing the tire one the Onewheel will void the warranty.

Does the Onewheel warranty transfer?

The warranty can be transferred if you buy a used Onewheels still under warranty. Make sure to get all the paperwork and receipt. If the last owner has done modifications to the board the warranty is most likely voided.

How do I send a Onewheel repair?

Always contact Future MOtion Inc. before sending in your board for diagnosis or repair. If your board is not still under warranty you probably will need to pay for the shipping costs.