Onewheel color combos – Preview your XR

If you are like me and like thinking about and customizing your board the tool from 88Ghz is great to try new combinations before pulling the trigger on the accessories. The Onewheel is an expensive board from the beginning and the accessories really add up after a while.

I’m not responsible for any purchase your might want to do after reading this post

The tool was developed in 2019 and doesn’t have all the latest accessories, still, this is the best way to check out how a build will look on your board.

This tool is running in your browser and gives you the ability to mix and match different combinations of Rail-Guards, Fender, Protectie Plates, FlightFins, Charge Port covers, Footpads and Tires to name a few settings.

If you want to see other peoples builds and go down the rabbit hole I strongly recommend the Gallery at You can easily spend a lot of time clicking around and get inspiration from other fellow Onewheelers.

If you need help finding any companies carrying the accessories you have seen check out my post with stores both in the USA and EU at List of Onewheel accessories (Shops in Europe & USA).

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for