Rent a Onewheel Before You Buy -Try/Demo a board!

Some small local shops might let you try the board before you buy it for a short amount of time. Even give you some instructions before usage. This is how I bought my board and I always recommend you call your local shop. You can take a look at the Future Motion Inc. homepage to see if there is a local dealer near you, you find the link to the interactive map here.

If that’s not an option there are two ways, “Try Before You Buy” or just rent a board to test it.

Try before you Buy

A relatively new thing on the market is the rise of services that have “Try Before You Buy Rental”. These companies work on the same principles that we are used to seeing in the skiing world. Here it’s common for buyers to often rent skis for a fee to get the feel for them before deciding if they want to buy. If they decide to buy new skis after renting them the fee will be deducted from the list price.

This is perfect for Onewheel but has a quite hefty price. It is a relatively small investment that ensures you do not spend a lot of money on something that may not suit you.

The “Try before you buy ” allows you to do the same as what is done in the ski industry. Some companies let you decide if you want to rent a new or used Onewheel, if Onewheeling is not for you then return it and you will get the deposit back minus the cost for the renting period.

Onewheel pint review
Onewheel Pint

How does it work?

Let’s take SUPrents as an example. You choose to rent a new Onewheel Pint or XR and for how long time (3 days to 10 days). Pay a deposit and SUPrents sends the Onewheel to you for free. You typically put a deposit for the total amount of the board.

Try it out, and if it’s not what you expected, ship it back and they will refund your deposit (minus the cost of the demo period). If Onewheel and floating around is for you, keep the board!

Let’s break it down and see the options for a Onewheel XR:

Option 1 – New Board – For your rental SUPrents will send you a brand new Onewheel XR. Should you decide to keep the new board at the end of your rental you can purchase the board for $1600.

Option 2 – Used Board – For your rental SUPrents will send you a USED Onewheel XR. Should you decide to keep the used board at the end of your rental you can purchase the board for $1499.

SUPrents$199.00 / 3days ($66.33/day)Shipping is free of charge anywhere in the US (lower 48 states).
eCARVE$300.00 / 3day ($100.00/day)Florida5707 Main St.
New Port Richey, FL 34652

Using the Onewheel XR as a reference for pricing. *Prices as of the day of this article and can be changed

Traditional Renting a board

There is always the traditional way of renting a board for a set amount of time to try it out. Most businesses will include a helmet and some training before you head out on your own. If you want to be more prepared read up on my Beginner tips for riding a Onewheel before you rent.

Always check what insurance is included and your own. The Onewheel is considered a dangerous device and I strongly recommend you rent or bring your own protective gear, bare minimum ride with a helmet and wristguards/gloves/support with protection against hyperextension of the wrist.

Elite Watersports$100/dayFloridaSt. Petersburg, Florida, USA
FriendWithA$40-$80/dayAll over the USAAll over the USA
SUPrents$199.00 / 3days ($66.33/day)ShippingShipping is free of charge anywhere in the US (lower 48 states).
eCARVE$15.00/hour (2h min)Florida5707 Main St.
New Port Richey, FL 34652

San Diego Onewheel Rentals$79.00/day (8 hours) California
San Diego Liberty Station Park or Delivery availableLesson and Safety Gear Included
Colorado Onewheel Rentals$75/dayColorado
Buena Vista, Colorado 719-966-5233 Vail, Colorado 970-471-8491Helmet included
My Michigan Roots$99.00 /dayMichigan126 River St. Elk Rapids, MI 49629Damage Protection option is available*
Rent Eboards$59-100/dayAustin, Beaumont, Destin, DFW, Galveston, Houston, Nashville, San Antonio, San Diego
Free 30min Lesson, Safety Gear. Helmets are required and provided Knee, elbow, & wrist protective equipment. Flat Rate:+$10
Using the Onewheel XR as a reference for pricing. *Prices as of the day of this article and can be changed

What to think about when renting a Onewheel

There are a couple of things to think about and take into consideration before renting a Onewheel. This goes for both new and experienced riders.

Safety gear and personal protection.

It’s important to use personal protection and safety gear when riding the board. Most companies will include a helmet in your rental agreement, I would recommend you to if you have wristguards at home and/or knee-elbow pads to bring them. For inspiration here is my list of gear I use when I commute and my recommendation of the best gloves for Onewheel if you decided to purchase a board down the line.

protective gear onewheel

Insurance and Damage Protection.

It’s important to look into your insurance and I would buy the added damage protection package if it’s something you need to pay extra for. Read up on the specific provider, typical adding damage protection covers your Onewheel rental against accidental damage and normal wear and tear under normal riding conditions. Like scuffs, dings, and scratches from riding the board and dismounting.

Damage protection usually does not cover theft or loss or water damage or sand damage. So keep the board in line of sight.

Beginner tips for riding a Onewheel.

It’s recommended to take a look at the basics before riding a Onewheel. Some renting partners will include a short lesson and instructions before renting. If you get your board shipped I recommend you to go to my Beginner tips of Riding a Onewheel before you jump onto the board. There are also good videos on Future Motions Inc. homepage, Basic Operation.

The most important thing to learn is to safely dismount the board. An un-proper dismount with the footpad still activated can lead to strained muscles or even broken bones when the board launches away from your feet. There is also a risk of hitting a bystander or car.