AfterShokz rebrands to Shokz – Releases OpenRun bone conduction headphones with quick-charge function

AfterShokz has announced a rebrand to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. From 29th December 2021, will AfterShokz officially be re-named as Shokz. For anyone new to the company, Shokz is specializing in open-ear headphones and bone conduction technology.

The reason for the change is to simplify the brand name to create a shorter, more powerful branding that’s easier to remember and share. I’m a daily user of my OpenMove headphones and have encountered a number of times when I had to explain and repeat Afterhokz.

AfterShokz logo

While at first glance it may seem like not much has changed in terms of the new design. Actually, Shokz has made some clever well though changes to deliver their vision inside the logo. Let’s break it down for you: 

  1. The new logo is shortened from “AfterShokz” to “Shokz”, meaning that optically the eye will land on the “o” in the middle of the word. 
  2. The “o” contains the sound wave/vibration representation, symbolizing their focus on bone conduction technology and acoustics. 
  3. To convey the mission of being open they decied to remove the dot that was previously in the center of the “o”.
  4. In a effort to make the logo in a better way represent thier focus on sports and technology the font and weight of the logo has been redesignd and more modern.

The new name and logo gives fresh energy and reinforces Shokz commitment to providing the best open-ear listening experience for us sports enthusiasts.

Shokz – Shorter, Snappier, More Shareable.

With the name change, the official web domain has been changed from to

shokz openrun

Shokz OpenRun bone conduction headphones with quick-charge function

The OpenRun bone conduction headphones are the latest flagship model and will take over from the Aeropex. The OpenRun has all the original features from the previous model with the added quick-charge feature.

Plugging it into the charger for a 10-minute will provide up to one hour and 30 minutes of playtime,

“No more battery anxiety or delaying your training session because you forgot to charge your headphones”

says Shokz.

The OpenMove have become my everyday headphones, with the result that I often run the battery down during the day. A 10-minute quick charge is a feature is something I really would appreciate as a user.

Technical specification of the OpenRun

  • 8th Generation Bone Conduction Technology
  • IP67 Waterproof (Not for swimming) 
  • Lightweight + Comfortable
  • 8-Hour Battery Life + Quick Charge

The Shokz OpenRun model is lightweight with a 26g flexible frame, they are IP67 waterproof rated and gives eight hours of use on a single charge. With the 10-minute quick charge, you will be playing music almost all day if you remember to put it on the charger during a break.

IP67 rated equipment is 100% protected against solid objects like dust, and works for at least 30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water.

Shokz OpenRun Bone Conduction Headphones

- Open-Ear Comfort
- 8th generation bone conduction technology
- IP67 Waterproof Rated
- 8 Hours of Music & Calls
- 10-minute quick charge for up to 1.5 hours of battery life.

Shokz OpenRun is available to purchase for $129.95 on their official site or Amazon.

Additionally, in a way to make a more streamlined and modern lineup that’s easier for the user and consumers. The Xtrainerz, their Open-Ear Swimming MP3 Headphones, will be renamed to OpenSwim.

Shokz new lineup:

The OpenMove is my go-to headphones when riding my Onewheel. Here is a breakdown of the cheapest model from Shokz in my list of the best headphones for Onewheeling.

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Onewheel winter riding x
Onewheel winter riding