Car washing at home (with RO-water)

car wash

When cleaning the car there are some important steps to follow, rinse, soap, rinse, protect and dry. For this, you need a pressure washer. A Greenwork 40V battery driven pressure washer is perfect when you don’t have access to an electrical outlet where you can clean your car. We only got access to a garden … Read more

The Best Onewheel Safety Gear in 2023 (Elbow/Knee Pads, Helmet, Wristguard)

protective gear onewheel

When commuting to work my main means of transportation are a PEV, a Personal Electric Vehicle, my Onewheel Pint, or an electric scooter, the Xiaomi m365. Both transportations require some safety equipment to keep me safe. Safety gear is always up to everyone and personal preferences, here is what I use on a daily basis … Read more

Xiaomi m365: 9 Upgrades and Accessories (2023)

Xiaomi m365 with upgrades and accessories

There are some upgrades and accessories that are considered by the community to be a must-have for the Xiaomi m365. Ranging from making a better rider to boosting the performance of your electric scooter. Down below is our complete list of recommendations. The Rear Mudguard Support Frame (Must-Have) The support frame is one of the … Read more

The bad effect of drinking coffee after dinner

coffee after 3pm

We are living in a world where drinking coffee has been the norm for people who have to live a productive lifestyle. Drinking coffee and getting the kick of caffeine is not something new, the earliest evidence of coffee appeared in Yemen in the middle of the 15th century. In Sweden coffee has become embedded … Read more