How long does Onewheel take to ship? 2022

Everyone has got that feeling that when you decided to buy and push the button the waiting time can feel like forever. Now you are waiting to be able to jump on and ride your Onewheel i around the city. As long as the board are in stock the waiting time isn’t that bad.

The Onewheel’s are med in San Jose California and usually ships within a couple of days if in stock. It normally takes 5-7 days to get your board. Your order will show tracking information and the estimated shipping dates.

The wait is worth it, the feeling of floating, the correct term for riding the Onewheel, is something special. Can be described as a mix of snowboarding and surfing. Compared to an electrical skateboard you can take it on gravel, grass and ruff surfaces. Just keep in mind and wear protective gear, especially in the beginning. Here is my list of protective gear and what I use on a daily basis when commuting to work.

The Onewheel is worth the wait even if it could take a longer time. Still on the fence? check my 1-year review of the Onewheel Pint.

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Where does Onewheel ship from?

Onewheel’s are shipped from the manufacturing facilities in San Jose, California. The board is assembled with love and care in the USA.

Are Onewheels made to order?

No, the Onewheels are not made to order. They are assembled in San Jose, California and shipped out to customers and shops around the world.

How to track my Onewheel order?

When buying an Onehweel you will get tracking information. Enter your order number and email at

Can you return a Onewheel?

Future Motion Inc accepts returns on all unused and unopened boards within 30 days of delivery as long as the Onewhell hasn’t been ridden. Email the support if you are looking to return your board and there might be a shipping/restocking fee.