Onewheel rider weight limit for XR and Pint

Riding on a Onewheel is a great way to travel around the city and its lightweight body makes it one of the most portable electric unicycles. The Onewheel uses the motor to balance the board when you are riding. Because of physics, the weight of the rider will give different stress on the motor.

Depending on the model it has a suggested weight limit of 275lb (~125kg) for the bigger Onewheel+XR and 250lb (~114kg) for the Onewheel Pint.

Onewheel XR: 275lb (~125kg)

Onewheel Pint: 250lb (~114kg)

It’s important to understand that a heavier rider will increase the stress of the motor and therefore decreased range and hill-climbing capability. It also becomes even more important to have the correct riding stance. This is one of the most basic physics principles that people need to understand when they are dealing with a Onewheel. The weight of the rider including the protective gear should be on top of the wheel.

The more weight that you put on the board, the more traction and friction you will have. This will stress the motor that has to work harder which drains the battery much faster. The board won’t be as slippery because there is more weight on it, which means that the rider can maintain balance easier.

If you want to get more range and has the right HW version (to check HW version Pint) (to check HW version XR) then you can upgrade easily for extended range. If you have one of the newer boards then you need a JWFFM chip from JW Batteries.