How to clean the Onewheel grip tape

If your grip tape is dirty it’s way better to clean it compared to change it out. The Onewheel front footpad has a sensor underneath it and removing the tape is a delicate procedure.

You should always try to clean the grip tape to try and restore it as the first step and once your grip tape started to weaken, then it’s time to change it. Here is what you need to clean your tape.

  1. Abrasive Rubber cleaning stick (any piece of natural rubber that would work on sandpapers)
  2. Brush (any brush with a soft nylone bristles)
  3. Microfiber cleaning cloth (to be used in damping or patting the board dry)

These items are essentials for any Onewheeler because they don’t cost that much and will always come in handy.

What you need to cleaning your Onewheel grip tape

Cleaning your Onewheel grip tape is easy with the right tools. As stated above you only need a couple of items so don’t overlook them when you are performing routine maintenance on your board.


A brush with some stiff nylon bristles is a great tool to remove excess dirt without damaging your grip tape on your Onewheel. I’m using a bush with a good handle, a dish brush is a cheap alternative to remove stubborn mud and debris.

Brushing away loose dirt is the first thing you do when cleaning your grip tape.

Abrasive Rubber cleaning stick

The abrasive rubber cleaning stick is the next step after brushing away debris and dirt. It works like how pencil erasers remove mistakes on paper but instead dirt from in between the sand particles on your grip tape.

clean onewheel grip tape rubber

Don’t buy the Onewheel Grip Tape Eraser or any skateboard Griptape erase. Getting a generic abrasive rubber cleaning stick for belt sandpaper and sanding disc instead. It’s made of the same materials as the grip tape erase, natural rubber, just at a way better price. The grip tape on your board is basically sandpaper that’s a bit more weather resistant than normal paper.

The erasers are perfect to remove dirt stuck inside the paper between the sand and remove it from your grip tape.

Microfibre cleaning cloth

It’s good to use a microfibre cloth for the last polishing steps of your board or to soak up any excess water after you have wiped down your board or been riding in wet conditions. Remember that your board is only water-resistant and not waterproof unless you have proofen the board. It, therefore, recommended to not soak the board and wipe away any water before it makes its way into the internals of your board

Onewheel Grip Tape Eraser

Just don’t buy the grip tape eraser, get a natural rubber abrasive cleaning stick made for sandpapers and sanding disc. It’s way cheaper compared to the official grip tape eraser. The same goes for the skate brands out there that sell the same product.

How To Clean Your Onewheel Grip Tape

Step-1 Remove lose dirt and as much of the bulk of it

Use the brush to brush away any loose or easy to removed surface dirt. Try to force the bristles into the grip tape to remove the bulk of any caked-on dirt, mud or soil sticking inside the grip tape granulates.

This is an important step as grip tape erasers only work best in removing small particles of sand and dust from the tape

If you cant remove caked-on dirt go to step 2 else go to step 3.

Step-2 Apply Water For Heavily Caked On Dirt And Mud

If brushing the board is ineffective and you cant remove all the dirt, you could try and dip the brush in some water. Scrub the grip tape and repeat the step above. Remember the board is not waterproof so use only a small amount of water and clean it off with a microfibre cloth afterwards. Let the board dry and go back to step 1.

Step-3 Clean with the Abrasive Rubber cleaning stick (grip tape eraser)

To clean your grip tape from the small particles rub the abrasive cleaning stick on the grip tape, This will remove the particles of your board like a pencil eraser.

Using the different sides from time to time while rubbing it will give your board a better clean of the tape. Once done, your board will then look clean; the grip tape will reveal a darker shade of black and better grip than before.

Be careful not to sand down your Nuckles or fingertips on the grip tape, it’s like sandpaper.

Step-4 Clean the board with a microfiber cloth

Use a clean dampen microfiber cloth to gently clean the board from all loose dirt and mud that has been removed from the tape. Make sure to wipe up any remaining water.

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