Best Onewheel gloves (Overall/Protection/Price)

Everyone who rides a Onewheel has either fallen or will someday fall, this is inevitable. No one can avoid this, it comes down to physics, the best thing you can do is to be prepared for such a day. Having proper safety gear makes you able to enjoy the ride without worrying about the risk.

Wrist fractures are one of the most common injuries for Onewheel riders. This comes from the natural reaction to try and stop and dampen the fall with our hands in front of us.

The impact of the fall can seriously damage the wrists if they are pushed backwards, hyperextension when hitting the ground. Your hands and wrists have very small bones that are very vulnerable and easily fractured. That’s why I recommend only gloves with added wrist protection.

I have narrowed it down into three categories for the best Onewheel Gloves that will help you protect your hands and wrists. I ride with wrist protection all the time either gloves with added protection or wristguards. Normal gloves aren’t enough to save your wrist from the impact force.

The best overall glove for Onewheel

When it comes to the best overall Onewheel gloves with added wrist protection nothing beats the Flatland 3D ProE-skate Glove. It is considered by the community and rider to be the optimal balance between wrist protection, hyperextension protection, and flexibility. You can still use your hands to grip and hold things.

Flatland 3D ProE-skate Glove

The Flatland 3D was designed for electric skateboarders where you need to be able to hold the remote to move your board. As a Onewheeler we don’t need to hold anything, still, the flexibility is a great benefit compared to the other options or the more commonly use wristguards.

The gloves are good looking and come in two models, a full finger and half finger depending on the amount of abrasive protection you want.

The gloves have two protective systems, Knox Patented SPS (Scaphoid Protection System) with Micro-Lock Impact Protection. These allow the hand to glide when hitting the pavement, dampening the impact and carrying the momentum forwards. This drastically reduces the force applied to the wrist and the risk of hyperextension.

The second protection is the removable Uni-directional Flexible Wrist Plate. This plate is flexible in the forward direction for maximum comfort, and rigid in the other direction to prevent hyperextension.

The bottom line:

I highly recommend these, they come with a price and are the most expensive of the pack and often sold out. For that, you get the most comfortable gloves out there with added protection against hyperextension.

The best protective glove for Onewheel

If you are looking for the most protective gloves for riding Onewheel, or any board sport, the Triple Eight Hired Hands is the glove for you. The gloves are made of top-grain leather for abrasive resistance and have integrated wrist protection to protect against hyperextension.

Triple Eight Hired Hands

The protection is both on the top and downside of the hand for maximum protection and support in case of a nosedive. The splints are removable, made from impact-resistant ABS so if needed they can be replaced after a really bad fall.

Looking back and my old years I remember wearing down my wristguards when training on new tricks. Replaceable splints are a good addition and feature.

As I’m working a lot with my hands, building systems, using the computer and typing I really need my hands. This makes me a bit overprotective. I have rocked the Triple Eight Wristguard for a long time and the hired hands are even better.

And being essentially fingerless gloves they just plain look better than normal wristguards. They are comfortable, as well. They might just feel a bit bulkier and eventually a little sweaty. You can still work your phone, and the open fingers allow for good fixability.

The sizing chart is true to size, as state above they fit snug, but not too tight. It’s a bit of work to get them on and off, but it’s easy to get used to the process. A little tip to remove them is to alternately push on the splints a little at a time, top and bottom. This will make them move a little to gets them off easy enough and without stressing the material and risking stress or wear out a stitched seam.

The bottom line:
These gloves will protect you. If you are after the best protective gloves that also feel and look good, get these. I don’t go out riding without them or my wristguards.

The best priced glove for Onewheel

If you are after the best price a good idea is to look the motorcycle world. There are gloves that are both abrasive and has protection against hyperextension built-in like the EVS Sports Wrister Gloves.

EVS Sports Wrister Gloves

The gloves have integrated top wrist protection against hyperextension like the Flatland 3D and it works well. The system allows your hands to be flexible but prevents excessive backwards flexure. Unlike the other option, there is no added protection on the palms.

A great feature is the touch finger for you to be able to use your smartphone without taking the gloves off.

They are pretty comfortable, but they run small. I recommend you to go a size up, e.g if you normally is a Large get an XL. If you are doing this the size fit is good, not too snug and not too loose

The bottom line:
These are the cheapest option if you want gloves with added protection against hyperextension but still want to have good flexibility with your hands.

If you are looking for more protective gear I highly recommend reading my post on what I use when I commute with a Onewheel or electric scooter here.

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