Onewheel Terminology

As a new Onewheeler it’s good to understand the language that’s around at group rides or in the forum. As a new rider, it can be hard to understand the lingo and jargon that are spoken, like have you badgered your board?

Here is a list of some of the most common terms and languages that are used by riders. They are ranked in alphabetic order, some expressions are newly defined by the Onewheel community and others are borrowed from other sports.

Onewheel Vocabulary List and Expressions


Amped Up – When you’re fully charged and can’t go down any hills because of overcharging.
Ankle Bites – When you ride without a fender, and rub your ankle on the wheel


Badger Your Board – To make the board waterproof – read more here
Brick – When you break your board while riding it.
Bonk – Jumping of an obstacle.


Captain Morgan Leg – When you’re riding with regen push back and your front leg is up like the logo of Captain Morgan
Carve – Alternate turning slightly to the left and right. In snowboarding, you ‘carve’ the snow because you are usually leaning on one edge of your board.
CBXR – ChiBattery system upgrade for your XR – Read more about the battery upgrades and HW versions that work for your board.
Curb Nudge – Jumping up a curb.


Fakie – Riding backwards on the board
Fangs – Front wheels installed to the board – Read the review of the Fangs 2.0
Float/Floating – Riding a Onewheel – Coming from snowboarding and the floaty feeling of riding powder snow. 


Ghosted – when the footpad sensor malfunctions and the board continues to propel itself without a rider on it.
Growler – Smaller form factor XR similar to a Pint – Read more about the Growler here


Jump Mount – Trick when you jump onto the board and ride away.


McNugget – Smaller form factor XR similar to a Pint – Like the Growler


Nose Dive / Nosedive – When your boards front drops down hitting the ground stopping the board and sending you flying.
Nose Slide – Forcing the nose down into the grind and sliding on it.


Quart – ChiBattery system upgrade for your Pint – Read more about the battery upgrades for your Pint.


Running With The Devil – When you outrun a nosedive.


Sex Change – Changing your stance. For example, go from riding Regular to riding Goofy.
Snail Bail – When you’re moving so slow the sensor shuts off on you and you fall off your board.
Stoked – The positive feeling a Onewheel gives you.
Spank  – When you land from a jump or drop and your tail drags.


The Mount Of Shame –  When you step on the board to go and you just fall forward. The sensor did not activate or the board was turned off


Walk of Shame – When your battery runs out and you have to walk home.
Wish-Bone – When you land and your back foot comes off the board but your front foot stays on the sensor and it keeps going stretching your legs apart

Onewheel winter riding x
Onewheel winter riding