Is FlightFins Safe? (Lets us explain why)

One of the most popular upgrades for the Onewheel is to add the FlightFins to the board to give the rider more control and the possibility to jump. A common question is if the board is safe to ride with FlightFins or if it becomes more dangerous when riding locked-in. 

Yes, the board is still safe to ride with FlightFins. They are designed so your foot can easily slide out from them in case of a crash. The system makes the board safer as it gives the rider more control and reduces the risk of losing the grip during a complex trail ride. A better stance reduces the stress on the motor and the risk of a nosedive.

Locked in?

In contrast to common belief when first looking at them you are not that locked in when riding with the V2 FlightFins. They are not like a snowboard binding where you are physically attached to the board. When you fall your foot will slide out by the momentum from your body.

FlighFins have designed the Fins so your foot slides out easily from them in case of a crash. The miniFins are redesigned and have a smaller overhang above your foot. If you are feeling insecure but still want to have a way to grab the board get the mini.

Less strain on the motor

When riding with the FlightFins you are keeping your feet closer to the fender and the motor. This stance will put less stress on the motor as the force is lower and less torque need to be used to compensate for your body weight.

Lesser stress is a good thing as it reduces the risk of overpowering the board resulting in a Nosedive. If you are interested in learning more about nose dive read the breakdown article about the mechanics of the motor and the nosedive.

More control

Riding with your back foot up against the fender and locked in under the fins gives you the possibility to put more leverage while turning. A normal stance is to ride with the back horizontal locked-in and the front foot at a slight 45-degree angle forward, for a regular stance it looks something like this \O| (left front foot, right back foot).

For maximum leverage keeping both feet tight under the fins gives you really good carveibilty and tight turns while keeping the stress on the motor lower. 

They truly shine while trail riding, keeping the feet on the board while riding over roots and bumps where else you would be knocked off. They also give you leverage and more control while jumping curbs in the street.

Pro tip: When you are going to land from a drop or a jump spread your feet back out to a regular stance to help maintain your balance when landing.

Riding with one Fin in the back

Many riders are using the riding stance of only having one Fin in the back. This is to give the possibility to lift the board over an obstacle like a curb and still have a lot of room in the front.

Disclaimer: Onewheel is inherently dangerous. Whenever you ride a motorized board with or without FlightFins you risk death or serious injury. Fallman Tech is not responsibly for any bodily injury or board damage.

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What does Onewheel GT stand for