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The Onewheel XR is the third generation Onewheel, the board was announced at CES 2018 and released the same year. The XR takes over for the second generation of the board, the Onewheel Plus (+). The Onewheel XR is basically a Plus with an extended range, thereof the name XR.

The board has the same design as the Plus with the Hypercore motor giving great power and speed. Also using the mobile app with Digital Shaping 2.0 to easily adjust the way the Onewheel handles and performs.

The Onewheel XR has been discontinued, check out the latest board from Future Motion Inc, Onewheel GT.

Onewheel XR Specification & Features:

  • Motor: Hypercore motor technology provides incredibly smooth power and torque to climb over anything.
  • Intuitive control: The board responds to your body movement without control learn more about How to ride a Onewheel.
  • Lights: Bright LED headlights and taillights automatically reverse when you switch direction.
  • Battery: NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide) 324Wh 63V
  • Range: 12-18 MI / 19-29 KM RANGE
  • Mobile app: Connects to both iPhone, Watch, and Android apps to let you tune your Onewheel ride with Digital Shaping.
  • Charging: 60 min to full charge with the ultra charger (120min regular)
  • Speed: a top speed of 19 MPH / 30 KPH
Onewheel plus vs XR
picture: Future Motion Inc.

Onewheel Plus vs Onewheel+ XR

When the third generation of the board was released, the Onewheel+ XR, many people wondered what is the difference between the two boards. In short, the XR is better than the Plus in almost every way. It’s broken down below.

Onewheel PlusOnewheel+ XR
Price$1499 (Discontinued)$1899 (Discontinued)
Range5-7 miles / 8-11 km12-18 miles / 19-29km
Motor750W Hypercore Brushless Hub Motor750W Hypercore Brushless Hub Motor
Speed19 mph / 30 kpm19 mph / 30 kpm
BatteryLiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide)
324Wh 63V
Weight25 lb / 11 kg27 lb / 12.5 kg
Onewheel Plus vs Onewheel XR Specification

When the Onewheel XR was introduced there were only two main reasons to go for the older Onewheel Plus instead of the new board. The Plus was being sold at a price of $1400 to be compared with the $1800 before tax for the XR. Both these offerings were for only the board, any peripherals such as a fender and upgraded charges came at an additional cost.

In terms of performance, the XR doubles the range with 12-18 miles on a single charge, reducing the risk of range anxiety. Also, the new battery technology increased both torque and power making the XR better for going up hills.

onewheel XR riding
picture: Future Motion

The massive battery inside the XR makes it impossible to be taken on a plane, TSA doesn’t allow batteries above 160Wh. If you are interested here is a good article about flying with a Onewheel XR.

Onewheel XR specs:

MOTOR: 750W Hypercore Brushless Hub Motor
BATTERY: LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)130Wh
RANGE: 2-18 MI / 19-29 KM RANGE
DIMENSIONS: 9”×11.5”×30” / 23cm x 29.21cm x 72.6cm
WEIGHT: 27 LB / 12.5 KG

How much is a Onewheel XR? (Onewheel XR price)

The Onewheel Plus was priced at $1,799 at the launch in 2018 (Now discontinued). During the last sellout, it was sold at $1,499 before the Onewheel GT was introduced. The Onewheel XR has older battery technology than the GT and, with lower speed, the price was drastically increased of the board to $2,200.

How fast does the Onewheel XR go? (Onewheel XR top speed)

The Onewheel XR has a top speed of 19 miles per hour (30 kpm). The board’s top speed will vary depending on the riding mode setting the highest limit but also the rider’s weight, terrain, and tire pressure.

Buying a used Onewheel XR

The Onewheel XR is a great board to buy used and I would buy it over a Pint or the older Plus. The Plus has been out for a couple of more years and the lower battery of both the Plus and Pint makes it a risk when buying them used. Batteries degrade over time and the range of the Plus/Pint wasn’t massive from the beginning. There are more XR out in the world and the added range will still make an old board a viable option for most riders.

onewheel XR riding dirt
Onewheel XR

If you are planning to buy a used Onewheel here is an article that guides you to the most common thing to look for before you make a purchase. Buying a used Onewheel will help you in the process.


If you are looking to buy a used Onewheel, then I would look into the Onewheel XR. The XR has double the range compared to the other boards on the market, maybe not something that was a break dealer at the release of the other boards. Now when buying used you need to take into consideration that the battery has some degradation. The Onewheel XR will still be useful even with a 50% battery capacity drop.

If you are planning to fly with the board and you are looking for a board to pass TSA, check the Onewheel Pint. For a full breakdown of the difference between the Pint and XR check this article.

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