Can I fly with a Onewheel XR

There are two major players that determine if you can fly with your Onewheel XR. It’s the TSA/ FAA with the rules governing what is allowed when flying and then it’s the rule of the individual airlines such as Southwest, Delta and United. In short, the answer is

No, you cannot fly with the Onehweel XR. The battery of the XR is 324 Wh, far more than the limit set by the FAA of <160 Wh. The only way is to disassemble the board and ship the battery separately to the location and carry on the rest as checked-in luggage.

The Onehweel XR with its 324 Wh batter falls under the devices with large lithium-ion batteries (>160 watt-hours). It doesn’t help that the battery of the Onehweel XRis that it’s an NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide). NMC is actually a Lithium-ion class battery and the full name is Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2). What’s governed by the regulations is the amount of active Lithium inside the battery, and the Onewheel XR is above that for carry-on and checked-in baggage.

With airline approval, devices can contain larger lithium-ion batteries (101-160 watt-hours per battery), but spares of this size are limited to two batteries in carry-on baggage only. This size covers the largest aftermarket extended-life laptop batteries and most lithium-ion batteries for professional-grade audio/visual equipment.

Common questions and answers

  • What type of battery does it have?
    Its NMC battery
  • Does it list the watt-hours?
    The watt-hours is 324 wh and visibale on the label on the underside of the board
Onewheel XR watt hours


According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), large lithium-ion batteries between 101-160 watt-hours are permitted “with airline approval.”  (

According to the US Department of Transportation, “Lithium-Ion Battery, installed in a device (more than 100 but less than 160 watt-hours). Operator approval required” is permitted: (

Can I take my Onewheel Pint on a plane

You cannot take the Onehweel XR onto a plane as carry-on baggage. This is because of the lithium batteries inside and governed by the TSA that follows the FAA guidelines regarding flying. The Onewheel XR is regulated as a large battery and therefore prohibited from being carried onto the plane.

Can you checkin a Onewheel XR

No, You definitely can’t travel with a Onewheel Pint as checked-in baggage, the high power lithium batteries are considered a dangerous item and can only be carried onboard. Not even wheelchairs or other personal mobility devices above 300wh is allowed to be checked-in or carried as carry-on baggage.

(B) The battery must be carried in carry-on baggage only;
(D) The battery must not exceed 300 Watt-hour (Wh)


Disassemble the board before shipping

The only way is to disassemble the Onehweel XR and ship the controller separately with all the right labels. Many riders have done this with success, but it’s an increased cost and hassle to separately ship the battery. The motor, rails and controller are then checked in when flying. This idea also fixed the problem that many airlines has specifically call out “self-balancing boards” on their Restricted Items list.

Make sure to fully deflate the wheel before shipping and drain the battery to below 30% SoC (State of Charge)

Disassembling the board is something commonly done in the electric skateboard community when riders are travelling with their boards on planes.

Rent a board instead of flying

If you are not feeling comfortable disassembling, shipping and flying with your board another option is to rent a board. Today there are multiple options out there and if you want to see a list of providers check out Onewheel rentals in the USA. Most major cities have got a rental shop and more are popping up both in the US and around the world.

2020 IATA Lithium Battery Guidance: Transport of Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion Batteries (PDF)

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