What comes in the box of the Onewheel Pint

If you are buying the stock Onehweel Pint it will come with the Pint home charger, an owner’s manual, and some stickers in the box. Depending on your decision on the accessories the board can come with a lot of additional items like a fender, Pint Ultracharger, additional bumper, rail guards, and charge plug. There is also an option to upgrade the maghandle to the pro version.

My recommended accessories are at least getting the fender, charge plug, and rail guards to protect the board.

Does Onewheel Pint come with bumpers?

Yes, the Onewheel Pint will come with bumpers with a dark grey color installed from the factory. There is the possibility to buy bumpers in a wide range of colors for expressing your personality or replacing them when they are worn out.

We recommend you buy protection plates for your board, read more in the accessories guide. If you are not using any additional protection then the bumpers will get scratched by the normal wear and tear that comes from riding. As you stop and hit the board into the ground the tail will get scratched.

If you are not getting protection plates for your board, then we would recommend getting some extra bumpers down the road.

Does Onewheel Pint come with a charge?

Yes, the Onewheel Pint comes with a charger from the factory. The stock board comes with the Pint Home Charger that charges a board from fully depleted in 120min. There is a possibility to buy the Pint Ultracharger which will cut down the time to 50min.

The Pint Ultracharger will put additional stress on your battery so I highly recommend you not use it as your main charger. There is the possibility to buy aftermarket batteries but this will void your warranty, you should therefore treat your battery in the best way to make them last as long as possible.

To read more about battery management check out my complete guide and top tips for charging and taking care of the battery.

Onewheel Pint
Onewheel Pint with Fender and rail guards.

Does Onewheel Pint come with a fender?

No, the Onewheel Pint doesn’t come with a fender. You need to buy it separately when ordering your board. I highly recommend you add a fender as it protects you from wheel burn and debris shooting up onto your legs.

We don’t recommend anyone to ride in the rain, if you want to do it, a fender is a must. Keep in mind that the board is only water-resistant and not waterproof. The Onewheel Pint is a step forward when compared to the Onewheel XR, still, ride in the rain at your own risk.

To read about riding in the rain and making the board a little more water-resistant check Onewheel riding in the rain.

Does Onewheel Pint come with rail guards?

No, the Onewheel Pint doesn’t come with any protection for the rails. Future Motion Inc. offers the rail guard as an additional accessory that’s sold separately. I highly recommend you either buy the rail guard or any third-party protection to ensure that the rails don’t get scratched.

As a new rider, you will be jumping off your board and it will be spinning around, scratching the rails and fender. Adding rail guards will increase the value of the Pint on the second-hand market if you ever plan to sell it.

Onewheel Pint Shipping Box Dimensions and Weight

The Onewheel Pints shipping box has the dimensions of 31×13×11 inch (79×33×28 cm) and it weighs 30lbs (13.6 kg). (according to Future Motion Inc.)

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