Top Onewheel Pint Accessories (Protection, Safety, Tricks, Range)

After getting the Onewheel Pint the next thing is to add accessories and kit it out. A lot of riders spend more than $500 on accessories to improve the board, make it safer to ride and protect their investment. Here is the recommended list of upgrades to get for your Onewheel Pint.

It’s easy to spend more than half the price of a new board on added items. This list doesn’t include even higher and special accessories like custom rails or changing the footpad. A tire change is also something that you will need to do at some point in time and it’s more considered a maintenance item than an accessory.

The items on the list are not in any particular order. The fenders and rail guards are considered standard accessories and I recommend everyone get these items for their board. If you are planning to get the float plates solo from land-surf then consider getting the sidekicks for the rail protection instead of the rail guards from Future Motion Inc. The rail guard needs to be modified to fit the float plates. 

Check out this survey, showing that riders are spending +$1500 on their Onewheel.

Top Onewheel Pint Accessories Price list

Onewheel Pint AccessoriesPrice
Float Plates Solo by Float Life$65
Fangs V2 by Land-Surf$94.95
FlightFins by FlightFins$210
Bearing Protection (Pint)$27
GT40 Range extension$249 (fallman + 20% off)
*Not including the fender and sidekicks/rail guard or stand.

Float Plates Solo by Float Life (Protection) 

The Onewheel Pint is quite an expensive purchase even if it’s still the cheapest board from Future Motion Inc. There is the possibility to get a new set of bumpers directly from FM, still it’s recommended to get some protective plates for your board. 

Onewheel Pint Float plate solo

The float plates are designed to both protect the underside of the board and make it a bit more slippery, something that is appreciated by the trick community. If you are planning to slide the board, get some plates.

Protecting the board will help you to keep the value of your investment over a longer time. The Onewheel will be beaten up, especially during the learning process. 

The Float Plate Solo was one of the first things I installed on my board and they have helped over the course of the years owning the Pint. 

If you are using the rail guards then you will need to cut them down to fit the PLATES. The same goes for installing the fangs 2.0 on a board with the float plates already installed, you will need to cut the plates, read more about it here for detailed instructions. 

Price: $65

Fangs V2 by Land-Surf (Safety) 

I recommend everyone out there get a set of front wheels for their board. The fangs V2  will not prevent a nosedive but they might help you to ride it out or jump off in time. 

Onewheel Pint fangs v2

There are some companies out there manufacturing front wheels for the Pint. I decided to get the Fangs V2  from Land-surf as they are sleek and still will save me on the pavement. 

If you are looking for the best and safest, then I would recommend that you take a look at SonnyWheels.

To read the complete list of the best anti-nosedive wheels for the Onewheel Pint check out this article. Wonder about the nosedive? read this article about the mechanics behind the Onewheel nosedive.

Price: $94.95

FlightFins by FlightFins (Trick/off-road) 

The flight fins are for anyone looking to do some technical trail riding or who wants to jump curbs. This is really an optional item to get for some people. The Fins give you increased control of the board and help your feet to stay in place. They really give another feeling and you are feeling locked in even if they are designed to slip out of them in case of a fall.

Onewheel Pint flightfins

I’m currently riding the V2 FlightFins, they just released the smaller minifins with the added benefit of being bidirectional. Interested in the breakdown check the list of FlighFins offering in this article.

A full-flight fin setup with the fins, FlightFender, and FlightShield will set you back around $200.

Price: $210

Bearing Protection

The Onewheel Pint is a water-resistant board, and there has been a real upgrade on the housing for the battery and control box. The weakest point of the board is the bearings holding the motor on the shaft. 

Onewheel Pint Bearing Protection
img source: BadgerWheel

Getting a set of bearing Protections from Badgerwheel will help keep your Pint bearings shiny and rust-free. It’s a cheap upgrade to prolong the lifetime of the bearings even if you are not planning to ride in the water or at the beach.

There is no tools or disassembly required, read more about the bearing protection and 3D printing alternatives in the article here.

Price: $27

GT40 Battery extension (Range) 

*There are reports of broken connectors and casing after a crash with the GT40. There has come out a protective casing that makes it more robust.

The biggest downside and what most riders complain about of the stock Onewheel Pint has been the range. The GT40 adds 5ah and almost triples the range of the stock board. 

Disclaimer: Use any battery extension product at your own risk – FallmanTech assumes no responsibility for damage to you or your board when installing or using any of the products.

Onewheel Pint GT40

There are some key benefits of getting this battery extension compared to others out there. It’s fairly easy to install and the added power management system makes it safer than many other modifications out there. 

For a full break down check the best Onewheel Pint range extension for better understanding. 

Are you considering getting the GT40 use the code fallman for a $30 discount.

After the launch promotion with 20% off and discount code (fallman) the price comes down to $249 including shipping.

Original price $349, at $249 it’s a steal and at $319 a great investment for anyone looking to get increased range.

Price: $249 with (fallman + 20%) (original $349)

Disclaimer: Use any battery extension product at your own risk – FallmanTech assumes no responsibility for damage to you or your board when installing or using any of the products.

Landslide Wall Mount

The landslide wall mount is really an optional accessory for the Onewheel Pint. Most riders will want to have some way of displaying the board and there are many options out there and DIY projects. 

If you are looking for a wall mount then the Landslide is the sleekest out there and the board looks great when hanging on the wall. The Onewheel rests in the mount on its axle block while being held in place around the rail.

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