The Comprehensive Onewheel Accessory Information Guide 2023

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The Onewheel is an electric skateboard that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. With its unique mode of transportation, it allows the rider to float effortlessly through the city streets or countryside trails. Even if the boards are good, there are a couple of Onewheel accessories available that will enhance the rider’s experience, protect the board or make it better. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular Onewheel accessories on the market.

Author note: As a Onewheel rider, I have spent more than $700 on different accessories for my Onewheel Pint, some riders are spending more than $1500 to upgrade their boards.


The Onewheel fender is an essential accessory that protects the rider and the board from water, mud, and other debris. The fender can either be bought directly from Future Motion or from third-party manufacturers that have options like quick mount/dismount, it’s also available in different colors to match the rider’s preferences.

Onewheel Pint
Stock Onewheel Fender on a Onewheel Pint

The community is divided regarding the looks, riding with or without a fender. Some see it as a sleek addition to the board when hiding the wheel, others like to ride the Onewheel fenderless. 

Installation: Easy – The fender is easy to install and remove. You need to remove four screws to install it on the board. 

Use: Rider’s Experience, Convenience, Customization

Footpads and Grip Tape

Footpads and grip tape are two excellent accessories for riders who want better grip and control over their Onewheel. Some footpad pads come with additional features like concave shaping, which provides more control, a locked-in feel, and more comfortable foot placement. Better traction pads are useful when trail riding over roots and stone and riding in wet or slippery conditions (keep in mind that the Onewheel is not waterproof).

Both footpads and grip tape come in a range of styles and designs to fit the color scheme and personality of the board. 

Onewheel Pint X High Kick Footpad Blue
Onewheel Pint X High Kick Footpad Blue img: Future Motion

The grip tape will be wearing out over time and there will be a need to replace it when it has loosed its traction. When replacing the front footpad (with the sensor under the grip tape) it is important to take it easy and preheat the tape slowly while peeling it off.

Installation: Easy – Changing the footpads is an easy installation, a couple of screws need to be removed from the board.

Changing the grip tape is a moderate installation process. The most important step is to take it slowly while peeling off the grip tape from the front footpad to not damage the sensor underneath.

Use: Rider’s Experience

Fangs (Front-wheels)

Onewheel Fangs is a type of front-wheels for the board with the goal to give the rider more time and the possibility to jump off or recover from a nosedive. Fangs are one of the essential accessories for the Onewheel with more than 6000 fangs have been sold and installed around the world. There are a couple of other manufacturers making different versions of front wheels for the board. Here is a comprehensive guide to front wheels for the Onewheel Pint/PintX.

Onewheel Pint fangs v2
Fangs v2 on a Onewheel Pint

We recommend any first-time Onewheeler that wants to increase the safety of their board against unexpected nosedives get a set of bumper wheels. Especially while learning the board.

Author note: The Onewheel Pint fangs have saved not only my ass but multiple riders across the world

Installation: Easy – Installation is easy as you only need to remove the front bumper with the included Torx key and slide it in.

Use: Protection

Carrying Handle

The carrying handle is an accessory that was important to get with the older board as the Onewheel is a heavy and bulky item that can be difficult to carry around. The Onewheel XR didn’t have a carry handle like the newer Pint and GT. 

If you have an old XR, then a carrying handle is a handy accessory that makes it much easier to transport the board. For any newer this is coming with the board, if it breaks then it´s possible to get a new one from Future Motion. 

Installation: Installing a carrying handle is a fairly easy process depending on the model. Some clamps on the hub axle and others are wrapped around the rail.

Use: Rider’s Experience

Float Plates

Float plates are protective covers that attach to the bottom of the Onewheel. They are designed to protect the underside of the board from damage caused by rocks, curbs, and other obstacles. The standard float plates are made of a slippery plastic that not only protects but also helps the board to slide in case of a nosedive. It should not be seen as a protection against it, the plates can give time to jump off or help the rider to recover in time. 

Onewheel Float Plates vs Bumpers
Float plates installed with Fangs v2 on a Onewheel Pint

We recommend everyone have some sort of float plates for the Onewheel to not only protect the board from damage, but it will also help to keep the board’s value in case you want to sell it later. It´s one of the key things to look for when you are buying a used Onewheel.

Installation: Easy – Float plates are easy to install and remove. Just remove a couple of screws on the underside of the board and attached the plates with the supplied Torx screws.

Use: Board Protection

Rail Guard

Rail guards are another protective accessory that attaches to the sides of the rails of the Onewheel. They are designed to protect the rails from scratches and dents caused by contact with curbs and other obstacles. 

Rail guards allow the rider to customize the board to their personal as they are available in different colors and even materials.

Installation: Easy – Rail Guards are easy to install and remove. Make sure that the rails are cleaned, peel off the protective film from the adhesive and gently press them onto the rails. 

Use: Board Protection, Customization

Flight Fins

Onewheel Flight Fins are an accessory designed to enhance the riding experience of the Onewheel. The goal is to provide an extra point of contact for the rider’s feet, which can help with stability and control during riding. They are particularly useful for jumping curbs, performing tricks, or riding off-road, as they allow the rider to get more locked-in to the board without fear of slipping off.

Onewheel Pint flightfins
Flight Fins installed on Onewheel Pint

Attaching the Flight Fins can either be done directly to the fender or by the use of the FullFlight System. The FullFlight System makes it possible to adjust the position to fit the rider’s preferred stance. This is especially good if sharing the board or using different shoes while riding. They are made of durable materials, designed to grip the shoes and withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Overall, Onewheel Flight Fins are a popular choice for riders looking to improve their Onewheel riding experience.

Installation: Easy – Install the Flight Fins is easy. Either you need to drill some holes in the fender and bolt them directly or install the FlightSystem.

Use: Rider’s Experience

Battery Chargers

The normal stock battery charger for the Onewheel will take a couple of hours to fully charge the board. There are a few different charger options available, including the official Ultracharger, which is a high-speed charger that can charge the Onewheel in under an hour. 

Other options include Onewheel car chargers, portable chargers, and battery packs that can charge the board on the go. This is a great option if you got time between sessions to top up the board.

Use: Rider’s Experience

Hub Bearings

The hub bearings are considered a wearing part and will need to be replaced at some point in time during the lifetime of the board. Replacing the bearings is the most important item to increase the lifetime of the Onewheel motor. The sign that indicates that the bearing is getting bad is a “clunky” sound when rocking the board from side to side. If you hear this sound, then it could be possible that the bearings need to be replaced. Usually, the bearings will hold for thousands of miles and they should not come before the 1000 miles mark.

Doing tricks and jumping off high curbs will increase the stress of the bearings and might lead to premature wear.

Installation: Hard – You will need to disable the board and motor. Removing the old bearings and pressing in the new ones is not an easy task. We recommend looking into a local business or Onewheel repair service for this step.

Use: Maintenance, Rider’s Experience

Bearing covers

The Onewheel is not waterproof and especially the motor bearing that holds the axle. Installing a bearing cover will increase the water resistance and protect the motor from water ingress. At the moment there are two ways, either buy them from Badger wheel or if you have access to a 3D printer, print some covers yourself.

Onewheel Pint Bearing Protection
Bearing covers installed on a Onewheel Pint

Appling bearing protection on both sides of your hub will drastically improve the water resistance for your motor and increase the lifetime of both the bearings and the motor itself. The bearing covers use grease to make a barrier for water to not move into the bearings and in the worse case into the motor. 

Author note: We recommend bearing covers and having them installed. For a deeper understanding read more in the article about bearing covers for the Onewheel Pint. The concept is the same for the Onewheel XR and GT.

Installation: Easy – Installation of the bearing protection is easy with no need to disassemble the board.

Use: Board Protection

Range Extender & Upgraded Battery

Depending on the board the battery and range will warry. The smallest board, the Onewheel Pint, doesn’t have a great range. To fix this issue it’s possible to add a range extender like the GT40, or upgrade the internal battery to a higher capacity one. These battery upgrades can more than double the range of the Onewheel Pint.

Onewheel GT40 Aluminum Protector strap protection
GT40 installed with protective case on a Onewheel Pint

The battery will also degrade over time even if you charge it properly. Changing the battery to a new one will get the board back to its former performance or even better if you buy a higher-capacity battery. 

Caution: Most of these range extenders will require you to modify your board and void your warranty. Do anything at your own risk. That being said the reward is worth it.

Installation: Moderate to Hard. Installing a custom battery or extender requires you to disable the board and controller/battery pack.

Use: Board performance


A backpack is a great accessory for riders who want to transport their Onewheel over longer distances. There are specially designed Onewheel backpacks that hold the board and some additional storage space for accessories and other items. Keep in mind that flight fins and more bulky accessories will not fit the official bag. That’s why many users don’t really recommend this accessory as it is not something you will use often and it’s only the board that will fit inside.

Another and better option is to get a bigger duffle bag that will accommodate the board. This is the most recommended option for carrying and traveling with it.

Use: Rider’s Experience

Onewheel Accessories By Category

It´s possible to divide Onewheel accessories into a couple of different categories depending on what feature they are adding to the board. It can be all from increasing the safety of the rider to protecting the board from the elements. Some are more of a novelty and will customize to the board for the rider’s persona or make riding more convenient. Down below is a list of the most common categories and accessories. 

Onewheel Accessories For Safety

Most accessories in the safety category are linked to help the rider to recover from a nosedive. Both fangs, front-wheel, and float plates will increase the likelihood that the rider can jump off in time or recover from overpowering the board.

  • Fangs
  • Front wheels
  • Float plates

Onewheel Accessories For Board Protection

There are a couple of accessories focused on protecting the board from the elements. The Onewheel is not waterproof and therefore is sensitive to water ingress. Other items are focused to take the beating while riding and protecting both the battery and electronics from damage.

  • Rail Guard
  • Bearing covers
  • Float plates
  • Badger kit

Onewheel Accessories For Performance

The biggest performance upgrade on a Onewheel is changing the battery or adding a range extender to the board. This will not only increase the range but also enable a higher current to be sent to the motor compared to a stock board with a standard battery in place. This is most notable when riding at low battery levels. Changing the bearings can give you a slight performance boost, especially if they are getting worn out.

  • Hub Bearings
  • Range extender Upgraded Battery

Onewheel Accessories For Customization

There are many options for the person who wants to kit out the board, from changing the color of the rails, fender, and traction pad to adding more custom fender kits and lights.

  • Fender
  • Rail Guard
  • Traction Pads

Onewheel Accessories For Convenience

The most common accessory for the Onewheel most the Fender as it proctors the rider from mud, water, and other debris while riding. A carrying handle was popular to add on the Onewheel XR but today the later models have one already included. 

If you plan to ride a lot, then a charger upgrade is a good choice and investment.

  • Fender
  • Traction Pads
  • Carrying Handle
  • Battery Chargers


In conclusion, the Onewheel is an amazing piece of technology there is nothing like floating around. The board is good, but there are many accessories available that can enhance the Onewheel experience, from protective accessories like fangs, fenders, and float plates to performance-enhancing accessories like battery extenders and rails. 

We recommend getting at least a fender, float plates, and rail guards to protect the boards from scratches and things like rocks, dirt, and rubble. As a new rider, you will definitely scratch the board while getting hang of the Onewheel. Having protection will increase the second-hand market value in case you decided to sell it.

For safety, we recommend having some front wheels like the fangs if you want to know more read the Onewheel fangs review.

Lastly, if you want to make the board your own, then there are a lot of possibilities like rail guards, traction pads, and fenders to choose from to customize the Onewheel.

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