How to clean a cast iron pan with a chain mail scrubber

Sometimes a low tech solution can have a great result, like the chain mail scrubber for cast iron pans and skillets. This tool will both clean and help with developing resilient seasoning in your pan.

Cast iron cookware has been around for generation and sometimes are treated as heirlooms. It heats slowly and thoroughly and when cooking you can easily do anything from searing to baking to frying with one single vessel. When cared for properly the season will be tough enough to withstand scratches, scrapes and actually improves over time. Done correctly the seasoning will forming a naturally nonstick surface that’s even better than chemical coatings lite Teflon without the drawbacks.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cast-iron skillet, griddle, or Dutch oven, it will require some work from you. Keeping the cast iron clean is one of the most important steps in maintaining its longevity. Here is where the chain mail scrubber shines. Chain mail scrubber is recommended and the go-to way for cast-iron expert Will Copenhaver, vice president of marketing and sales at Smithey Ironware Co.

A chain mail scrubber is one of the best tools for cleaning a cast iron skillet with the ability to scrub away stubborn baked-on food residue without stripping away the seasoning. This is key when using your grandma’s old cast iron heirloom that has been passed down for generations.

How does a chain mail scrubber work?

The chain mail scrubber scrapes away the burnt food on your pan and leaving the seasoning behind.

“A chain mail scrubber has long been an insider tool for any cast iron lover. Metal and metal are friends, and chain mail does a great job of removing stuck or charred-on food without damaging the seasoning on your skillet.”


There are some added benefits when cleaning your cast iron pan, the chain mail scrubbers gently scuffing the top layer of seasoning, creating a textured surface that gives new seasoning something to grab on to. This will lead to a stronger seasoning over time.

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How to clean with a chain mail scrubber when the pan is relatively clean:

1. Wash in water and to remove leftover food or dry with a paper towel.

2. Scuff with chain mail in a circular motion using gentle but firm pressure.

3. You’re done!

How to clean with a chain mail scrubber when the pan has a lot of gunk on it:

1. Wash it with water (soap if needed, yes you can according to Ashley Jones).

2. While wet, scuff with chain mail in a circular motion using but gently firm pressure. Where burnt and charged food leftovers are located spend a bit more time scrubbing the surface.

3. Dry the skillet on the stove with low heat

4. Apply a thin layer of oil and give a quick wipe with a paper towel. This oil will next time you pre-heat the skillet to build up the seasoning.

5. You’re done!

Amazon’s best-selling chain mail scrubber is the Ringer with more than 10,000 five-star ratings. A cheaper alternative and the one I’m, my parents and step-parents are using is the Cast Iron Cleaner.

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Is dish soap safe for cast iron pans

Today’s mild dish soap isn’t like the old detergents used before, it won’t strip the seasoning according to Ashley Jones, author of the cookbook “Modern Cast Iron,”. Afterwards make sure to dry the pan well on the stove, when completely dry apply a thin layer of oil and give it a quick wipe with a paper towel.

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