How To Pair a Garmin Forerunner (Complete Guide) 2022

The Garmin Forerunner can easily be connected with the Garmin Connect™ app on either iPhone or Android. It uses Bluetooth to easily make the connection to your smartphone and it’s as easy as connecting any BT-enabled device. It’s recommended to use the application for the paring connection as it not only helps with the process, it enables all the features linked to the watch.

Here is a simple guide on how to pair your new Garmin Forerunner to your smartphone.

  • Make sure to charge the watch before the first time pairing (it will arrive with some level of charge)
  • Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • The watch should be placed within 10 m (33 feet) of your device.
  • Download the Garmin Connect™ app (for iOS or Android)

Pairing Your Smartphone With The Forerunner

To get the most out of your new watch and use the connected features of the Garmin Forerunner, it must be paired directly through the Garmin Connect™ app, instead of from the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone.

  1. Download the Garmin Connect™ app for your smartphone, install and open the app. (App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android)
  2. Bring your smartphone within 10 m (33 ft.) of your watch.
  3. Next turn on the watch.
  4. The first time you turn on the watch, it automatically enters pairing mode.
    • Note: From the Forerunner watch, select Menu > Settings > Phone > Pair Phone to manually enter pairing mode.
  5. Select an option to add your watch to your Garmin Connect account:
    • If this is the first time you are pairing a watch with the Garmin Connect app, follow the on-screen instructions.
    • If you already paired another watch with the Garmin Connect app, from the menu, select Garmin Devices > Add Device, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Garmin Forerunner Manuals

If you are having any problems is always a good idea to take a look at the manual, here is the list of the Garmin Forerunners and their manuals.

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