King Song S20 Fire (New York)

New York – on the 27 mars 2022 a King Song S20 unit did catch fire under a ride on the New York Streets. This was a prototype unit sent out for demo and evaluation purposes. The fire was filmed by Hsiang and can be found down here.

King Song Offical Announcement Related to the S20 Fire

King Song and the Vice President Mr JingPeng were fast sending out an official announcement stating the need for an investigation and taking full responsibility for the Quality Control and safety of the device.

…King Song realizes we need to work harder and be a lot more diligent to eliminate any possible future occurrences. King Song would like to express our deepest, most sincere apology to our partners and riders across the globe…

King Song Official announcement no: CS-2021-086-Global

Preliminary analysis of the accident

The preliminary analysis of the accident points in the direction of a software bug. They will do comprehensive testing and investigation to understand and find the root cause of the fire.

This is how a company should react to any instance that might lead to a dangerous and safety-related issue with a Personal Electric Vehicle, PEV. King Song and the VP Mr JinPeng are taking this incident extremely seriously and have appointed Yuan as the head of the investigation team. Sending out a statement for everyone with a pre-production demo unit to stop riding until a new firmware or the investigation is completed

Please temporarily stop riding S20 samples to avoid any risk before the analysis report is released.

King Song Official announcement no: CS-2021-086-Global

They are also sending their battery and BMS to a 3rd party organization for safety testing and inspection to ensure they are built to the highest standard and nothing has been missed in the design. The results will come in the coming weeks.

CS-021-086-Global: King Song Official Announcment Commitment to Safety of S20 Sample

The official announcement, no: CS-2021-086-Global, can be found here below and on King Songs website.

King Song Official Announcement commitment to safety of S20 sample

Here is the Official report from King Song released on the 2nd of April