Onewheel: How To Fix A Sensor Problem

Are you having any of the following problems with your Onewheel? Then read this article.

  • Spontaneously shutdown when moving at slow speeds, forward or backward
  • It frequently fails to engage the motor when mounting the board
  • Throws error message while riding: “Footpad sensor: You have been off one footpad for more than 10 sec. while riding 5.5 MPH – please be careful not to deactivate the footpads while riding!

The Onewheel is using two pressure sensors on the lead foot to detect the rider and engage the motor. A common problem with low-weight riders or depending on the shoes is that the board loses the signal on one of the sensors. Changing shoes makes a big difference and many riders use skater shoes like Vans to fix this problem. If changing shoes doesn’t work or you want to ride in your favorite shoes here is how to fix it.

Onewheel Pint footpad sensor without the grip tape

Fixing Sensor Problem Without Changing Shoes Or Riding Stance.

The fix is to install some small foam/felt pieces normally used as furniture feet to hinder scratches on the floor. These foam feet can be found in black color to match the grip tape. The foam pieces are easily compressed and will give a small pressure point on the sensors from your feet.

They will not result in any discomfort or impact on the riding feel of the board.

How to install foam feet

  1. Turn on your board and mount up, and ride a couple of meters to get comfortable with your stance.
  2. Mark, photo or remember your riding stance and how your leading foot is located over the sensor.
  3. Dismount and power down the board
  4. Install a couple of foam pads where your feet are sitting on both sides of the sensor.
Onewheel foot sensor fix
Onewheel sensor fixed with foam pads

Now when you are ready to float again remember to be padded up so you don’t miss any more days because of road rash or even worse, here is what I use every day when I commute to work!