Sound from Onewheel motor (Whirring, Squeaking, Grinding noise)

Is your new Onewheel making noise, don’t panic! The whirring sound from the motor is 100% normal. It comes from the motor design, all brushless DC motors will have this sound and it’s mostly noticeable on the Onewheel when standing still. The motor is working to keep you balanced and the sound you hear is coming from that.

Let’s get technical. The sound you hear, whirring, click or creaking at low speed is from the transition of the stator’s poles between the fixed magnets. You hear every movement inside the motor.

Different Onewheel motor noise, Grinding and Squealing


Grinding noise usually comes from two different scenarios. If the noise comes during rides when you pass the boards limit and the governor of the Onewheel kicks in to keep the board in control.

You can also feel a grinding notion in the motor combined with the chatter. It can also happen when you are hitting bumps and the wheel skips a bit.

If the grinding noise is consistent during the ride at a slower speed it can be debris stuck between your foot-pad/fender and/or metal frame. The debris will scrape against the wheel and motor creating the grinding noise. It usually happens that leaves and small sticks get stuck if you ride in the autumn.


The squealing noise is another typical noise coming from the electric motor and it’s totally normal. The noise is high at a pitched frequency so depending on your age you might not hear it. People are losing the possibility to hear high frequencies when they get older.

This is the reason why many dogs don’t like the Onehweel, if interested read more about Why do dogs hate Onewheels (Dog attacks).

Again though no worries and this is just normal operation of the motor working. What you should look for are if the board change sound after a while and it’s still under warranty, then I would recommend you to contact the support.

If the motor changes sound profile it’s most likely the hub motor screws getting lose.

Else be happy and float on, it’s normal that your board makes sounds!

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for