Helmet law in Denmark – (Onewheel, Electric Scooter)

From 1 January 2022, it is forbidden to travel on an electric scooter, Onewheel, or electric skateboard without a helmet – at least in Denmark.

In Denmark since 2022-01-01, a new law is making it illegal to ride both electric scooters, and also so-called small motorized vehicles – such as Onewheel or skateboards with motor – without a helmet.

– It is significantly more dangerous for those who transport themselves on an electric scooter. You expose yourself to greater risk than if you cycle – in fact at least seven times as great risk of injury, explains Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht.

He refers to studies from among others The Danish Transport Authority.

All helmetless people are now risking fines. With the new law, a user without a helmet is risking a fine of between 700 and 2000 kroner ($100 to $300) depending on if it is the first time you are caught.

You run seven times the risk of having an accident if you travel on an electric scooter compared to a normal bicycle. These are the figures behind the new law in Denmark.

– We should all be able to travel safely and securely in traffic, this also applies to those who travel on electric scooters.

But unfortunately, this is not always the case today and therefore we have decided on requirements that everyone who travels on a motorized electric scooter must wear a helmet.

says Benny Engelbrecht

For the last year, it has been forbidden to rent electric scooters in central Copenhagen. The result of this has been that it has become increasingly popular to own and there are more and more accidents around the country.

Benny Engelbrecht does not think that the rental companies have taken sufficient responsibility for security and explains.

– If we had seen a responsible industry from the beginning, we might not have been in this situation, [source]

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