Oura Gen3 Horizon – The Round Ring

The Oura team has introduced their latest model of the generation 3 ring. The Horizon, changes the shape of the now iconic Gen 2 and the Gen 3 by making the ring perfectly circular. The technology is the same and they are also adding a new color to the mix, Rose Gold.

A perfectly round ring has some modern design elements but also might have some disadvantages compared to the normal ring. For best sensor reading it’s important to have the sensors located close to the skin on the inside of the palm of your hand. The flat surface can be used as a guide to align your ring in the dark while you are in bed. The team has thought about this and the new minimalist design features a barely perceptible dimple on the bottom to indicate ring positioning. We will need to see how effective it is compared to the old way.

Supreme comfort meets modern design in our perfectly circular, elegant Horizon ring.

The new color, Rose Gold, looks astonishing and will most likely become a hit.

The Horizon packs the technology and will perform exactly as the old generation 3 so there is no point in upgrading from a technical point of view. The Horizon will give you all the metrics to help you improve your sleep, like Kim Kardashian. The data and Ouras in-depth analysis of your sleep, stress, and activity will guide you and make you more aware of how you actually are sleeping and what actually impacts it. The ring has features such as overnight blood oxygen (SpO2) sensing, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and workout heart rate tracking that give a close-up view of your health and wellness.

You can get the new Horizon ring from their official website.

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