IKEA DIRIGERA Home Gateway (Leaked Information)

Everything point to the fact that IKEA will soon be releasing a second-generation smart home gateway to replace the current TRADFRI gateway. The new home gateway will be the DIRIGERA. This is a welcome update and will bring some added features like Zigbee 3.0. There is no official information about the product or release date.

Both leaked photos, “last chance” indication on the official IKEA homepage and CSA (Zigbee Alliance) have had the device listed on their homepage under the name “DIRIGERA hub for smart products”

ikea trådfri gateway

The new device will be rounder and falter than TRADFRI, and have a USB port for power and a network socket. The shape will most likely make it possible to be hung on a wall. There are also reported mounting instructions showing how to hang the unit on the wall.

From the listing on CSA it seems like the DIRIGERA will be a Zigbee 3.0 controller, to be compared with the older TRADFRI that uses Zigbee Light Link.

Ikea DIRIGERA  Zigbee 3.0 controller

Most of the leaks have been taken down and we will see when the new product is released. The Image credit is to the Reddit user u/Caschy that posted the picture of the Dirigera before the link was taken down.

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